What is a deed box and why might you need one?

The best way to prevent a break-in is to find the weak spots in your home’s security. Windows are the most obvious of these.

Your goal is to resolve these issues before other parties get their hands on it. You can use the advice provided in the article to make your home safer.

Why might you need a deed box?

If you currently own property, then you should have documents called deeds. Title deeds are legal papers that clarify who owns a piece of land. These documents are essential because they're used when a dispute arises over land.

This might be the scenario should there be a death, and the property ownership by a person’s family is in doubt. This will help you to solve any queries.

The other benefit of having title deeds is that you can also use title deeds to access finance options. It's not uncommon that many put it as collateral damage if they fail to honour their financial commitments.

Now that you understand the importance, you should also understand the need to keep them safe. It would surprise you how dangerous the home environment can be for documents. If your children get their hands on them, there is no telling what can happen.

For you to store these documents, you must consider getting a deed box. This is a box that's designed to keep important documents safe.

These boxes offer a safe, secure, and organised way to protect their deeds. If you wish to, you may also keep different documents in there such as birth certificates. Pretty much anything you can fit in there.

Living in the modern age deed boxes have become more secure than ever before. Different options are depending on what your budget is.

These different options can offer customer protection against fire, water, and dust. They come with options to lock the case with a key or a code.

How Important is it to keep house deeds?

If you go out and spend a large sum of money investing in property, why not spend a little extra to ensure that the documentation's taken care of? This will allow you to have peace of mind as you go about your day. There are many cases where a family has lost their home because they could not produce clean title deeds.

If someone wishes to dispute your property ownership, you will have to prove this in court. The simplest and fastest way to get this done with is to have your title deeds available. It becomes complicated to dispute someone’s ownership when they have title deeds.

You may also need to prove to the bank that you are the property owner should you want to receive a loan from them. In this case, you will hand over the title deeds to the bank for you to receive the money.

This is one of the best benefits of having title deeds because it can be as leverage. This means that you can get even more property because of having one.

What happens if I lose the deeds to my house?

If you have lost your title deeds, you should not worry too much because these can be retrieved for a small fee. You will have to go to the land registry office and have them provide you with an official copy. This will only work if you had entered your details with the registry when you purchased your land.

The process must be handled correctly. In this way, you know that you are always guaranteed of your title deeds. They will only charge you a small fee, and the process should not take longer than a few hours.

It will be quite a process though hence the reason why you should avoid it at all costs. If you can do this, then you will save yourself quite a headache.

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How to Keep House Deeds Safe?

If you're interested in protecting your deeds, then you can invest in these.

1. Document Boxes

You can get a document box that will often be a small-sized briefcase. These are often difficult to open and can be locked.

They protect against fire, water, and moisture. You can trust that any documents placed in these will remain in pristine condition.

2. Fireproof Safes

If you want to protect more than title deeds, you can go for a more traditional method and buy a safe. These safes will be drilled into the wall and need a combination to open.

This is a very secure method and will protect your documents against fire and water damage. Expect that this will cost you more than a document box.

3. At the solicitors {expensive}

4. At the bank’s vault {expensive and not an option for many}

If you have enough money, you can consider keeping these goods inside your bank’s vault. Banks offer this service to their customers. They will keep your documents in a document box within their vault.

If you wish to access it, you will need to come with your proof of identification. This is the most secure option as it is unlikely that anything will happen to your documents. If something does happen then, you will be covered against this through the insurance.

Bear in mind that this will not be cheap. Instead, it is the most expensive option on the list.


In conclusion, pride will often come before a fall. You might be one of those who never lose things, but it only takes one time for you to lose crucial documents in real life. It often happens when we least expect it.

Break-ins and fires can leave you completely blindsided. With most of these document protection products, you will find that they last a lifetime. That means you will only have to buy once and you’re covered.

It is a decision you are better off taking than leaving it up to fate.

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