Are Dogs A Deterrent to Burglars?

Dogs are very protective and loving creatures that will go far to defend their owners' home. They are almost always wary in the event of uninvited intruders making their way into your house.

They are blessed with a strong sense of smell and can identify sounds i.e. they can detect unwanted visitors that shouldn’t be in the house. Are they an effective deterrent? Yes, absolutely!

The one thing that every dog does is to bark if they see a stranger, which will alert you to the imminent danger. However, different dogs will react to burglars differently based on you raise them and on their physical attributes. Some small dogs will only function as a modest ‘burglar alarm’. Some bigger dogs will also provide physical defensive capabilities.

This has led to a good number of people believing that getting a dog will act as an excellent deterrent to burglars. Many people even go as far as to train their dogs specifically to identify and attack unwanted intruders. In this article today, we will be looking at whether it is a good idea to keep a dog around the house as a deterrent for burglars. We will be looking at what they can and cannot do and how best you can draw the line between a pet and the security system.

Dogs are different.

It is common to believe that a particular type of true guard dogs are more vicious and protective than any other burglary deterrent by nature. The opposite is true, whereby dogs are the product of their environment and the love and care they receive when they are born. If you want to buy a dog that will protect you, you must ensure that it is appropriately trained.

Dogs have different physical attributes that make one a better guard dog than the other. However, not more vicious nor friendly. Some dogs have a better nose and are quicker on their feet based on a more athletic build, making them much more of a nightmare for any robbers who tried to penetrate your household. Other dogs are smaller and bark more frustratingly, and this can throw off burglars quite easily.

Dogs such as German shepherds are brilliant and can smell foreign scents from extended distances away. Therefore, when choosing a dog, you must decide what kind of deterrent you were looking to stop the burglars in your neighborhood.

If you are looking for a dog that will alert you in the event of a burglar entering, you may look towards a smaller dog with a good nose. If you want a dog that will physically deter burglars, you will want a giant dog with a stronger jaw, such as a Pitbull or a rottweiler.

Do not rely mainly on dogs.

Yes, dogs can function as a burglar deterrent, but you shouldn't make this your only point of defense. In the same way, you would consider that a security guard working at a supermarket requires cameras as well as alarm detection systems, then you might want to give your dog some assistance as well.

It is possible that several things can happen to your dog when you make them the number one security defense in your home. Dogs can quite easily be charmed if they have not been trained well. It is pretty standard for robbers to try and offer dogs snacks and treats that have been injected with sleeping chemicals.

There is also an unfortunate chance that your dog might suffer injury when they confront the robber. Therefore, it is a good idea for you to install a house alarm to supplement your dog’s efforts. This will ensure that you have multiple fail-safes if the robber gets past one of them.

Use as an alarm and not a defense system.

Training your pet to be vicious can have a very negative impact on them and your family. You then begin to lose the beauty and joy that pets can bring to your house through their affection. Instead, you may find that children in your home, unfortunately, get bitten or can no longer play with the dog as much as they would like to.

Therefore, it is essential to raise the dog to protect you because it loves you rather than because it has been trained to. This will allow you to have the dog as a pet rather than a security guard. You should try and avoid going out to purchase a dog mainly for security reasons.

You should also not expect the dog to take on robbers in your place because some dogs are too scared and fearful of being hurt. When you purchase a dog, it will protect you and function as an alarm system if you treat it well and it has confidence.


In conclusion, there are many reasons why someone would go out and buy a dog to deter burglars from coming into their house. Dogs can detect burglars before they even enter the house because of their great hearing and smell. They, therefore, function as affectionate, loving alarm systems that at least you can trust.

However, there is no guarantee that they will constantly be barking at a burglar, and therefore sometimes you will be woken up by naughty shenanigans. It is not a good idea to go out and buy a dog to defend yourself, but wrong that you should supplement having a dog in the house with a house alarm.

This is a more reliable way of knowing when there is a burglar that has entered your household. It is also more likely to deter burglars from entering your house if, at the same time, they are being barked at by the dog the house alarm is ringing. You should also be aware that dogs can be frightened and will not always jump to your protection, i.e., biting robbers.

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Furthermore, if you don’t actually own a dog, but want to have the benefits of a canine house sitter, then consider buying a dog-barking alarm that does help to deter professional burglars and would-be criminals at any time of the day.