How to Open Locked Bedroom Door Without a Key

There are several ways of opening your bedroom door without a key. This is a result of lost or misplaced keys, or you could have locked the key inside. Some techniques might not work on your door, but one of them will work after trying them.

Destroying the door can be the only option if the rest fail to help you or if you have a kid locked up inside. Below are different ways of opening the door.

How to open a door with a screwdriver

If you check, the door’s non-locking side has a tiny hole on the face of the knob. You need a screwdriver to push the hole to unlock the door if you cannot find your keys. A screwdriver is stiff enough to make the unlocking happen.

The idea is to remove the door handle. This is possible on doorknobs that are easy to remove or that are removable. You have to get rid of the doorknob because you will be able to uninstall the lock.

There is no other way if you are to remove the doorknob than destroying the lock. The lock is the one that prevents you from opening your door if you do not have keys.

When you notice that the mounting screws are now out, you have to take them out and disassemble both lock and knob. Sometimes the screws are not visible, giving you a long way to uninstall.

You can choose to use a slotted screwdriver when you are working on the round plate. It's called the rose.

By taking out the door handle in pieces, you will also be trying to expose the screws. This is when you have to get rid of the lock. You have to put the latch on the other side, away from the doorway’s lining to unlock the door.

I assume that you keep tools like screwdrivers in your garage, meaning that you can access the tools.

How to open a door with a Credit card

You have to use this method because you have to push the bolt for access to your room. You have to take a closer look at the latch bolt. It has to be facing your way so that you can crack it using a credit card.

A credit card is one of the things that you usually have in your wallet or pockets. The method is the same as the clothes hanger method.

The only difference is that you will be using a credit card instead of a hanger. A latch bolt has many springs and an angled end that is a bit easier to open with a credit card.

What you have to push is the bolt’s angled end. You have to apply pressure; otherwise, it will not open. The card has to slide between the bolt and the door jamb.

The moment you slide it in, you have to turn the knob and open the door. The reason for a card is a fact that it is flexible, unlike a stiff screwdriver. You can slightly bend it and move it in any direction as it goes through tiny spaces.

It can fit in very tiny gaps, unlike a screwdriver that is thicker than a credit card. Chances are very low that your card will break unless you add more pressure than it can handle.

You have to be gentle when it comes to this technique because a credit card can be fragile. This can be a great technique only if you do not keep all your cards in your bedroom.

How to open a door with a knife

You want to open a bedroom door cannot be that hard since you have other rooms open that you might use as a source of tools. You can have any type of knife that you think works better. Yet, you may not have access to one if you lock yourself inside your bedroom.

A butter knife is the best type of knife that you can use. Please try as much as you can to avoid sharp knives. Sharp knives are only important for cutting, not when you want to break the lock.

Any mistake, you will hurt yourself, and the worst can be cutting your finger or a deep stab on your palm or hand. This is how bad it can be. The butter knife is a replacement to the original key.

It has to go through the lock and click to open. If it does not open a few twists and attempts are not bad, several trials without winning means you have to look for other tools. Not all locks can unlock using a knife.

How to open a door with a paperclip

This can be the most convenient way if you are that kind of a person who always has paper clips everywhere in the house. You should be creative and technical enough to mould and shape the clip into a shape that can open the lock. Using two paper clips can be easier for you.

The same way you use bobby pins is the same way you use paper clips. The other one has to bend and leave the other one straight.

When you insert the bent clip, you have to stick the straight one below and twist it. More twists will make the process fruitful. If the door does not open, you can try other techniques listed below.

How do you open a locked bedroom door without a key?

There are several ways of opening a door without a key. Some techniques will make you install a new door, but some will leave your door unbroken. Below are some useful ideas on how to open your door without using a key at all.

Use Bobby pins

Looking at bobby pins, the idea looks ridiculous, right? Regardless, they still work as they're used to pick the lock. What you need are two bobby pins that you have to bend into a certain shape.

The pins have to follow a pattern of the key to unlocking the door. These two pins have different, specific roles to play when unlocking the door.

The first pin has to operate as the original key, and the second one has to be in the keyhole. The first bobby pin gives you an easy way to turn the lock cylinder.

The last part of the pin has to bend and should be round in shape. You have to stick it deeper in and continue holding the remaining part of the pin that replaces the handle. The second pin has to be flat so that it will be long enough to pick the lock.

You can bend the end as it penetrates through the keyhole. It has to land on top of the first pin.

The original key’s teeth then have to push the pins upwards, and the cylinder has to turn. The loaded pins that come with the springs have to push the pins upwards so to turn the cylinder.

Use your foot

This is the only method that can have you replace the whole door. You do not need a lot of tools; only your foot can be the best tool. More energy's needed.

Imagine you are on your door and have no credit card, screwdriver, or pins around you. No one has a spare key, and all the shops are closed, what would you do? What comes first to your mind can be the use of your foot.

What may distract you might be lack of confidence but trying will not hurt at the end of the day. A kick may come to your rescue in a short space of time. You have to be careful before you take such an action.

Check if the hinges will not allow the door to come your way as you kick it. If it is not safe to do so, you have to try another technique. Yet, if that is the only way, you have to use the stronger foot not to come back to you.

What you have to aim for is the part that is a bit above the door handle. This is the most delicate part of the door. You have to make sure that your flat foot contacts the door so that all the pressure goes on to the door.

If you use your toes, there will not be enough pressure. You cannot use any other part of your body if your foot fails because you will hurt yourself and then have two problems.

Can you unlock a door if a key is on the other side?

Yes, it is possible, but if you have a drilling tool. As much as drilling is not the smartest way, it looks like it is the only way to open the door when you have a master lock. This can be a quicker way, but harsh at the same time.

This will leave your lock destroyed. All the lock tumblers are going to be destroyed and, you have access to your bedroom.

This is the best way to unlock your bedroom when you have your kid inside. This technique is suitable for a desperate situation when you have a lot at stake.

This should not be your initial method. It has to be the last option after you have tried other options. The reason is: you are going to leave both the door and the knob destroyed.

You might have to replace both as well. You have to try all possible measures before you attempt drilling. If there is a child inside, you might freak them out, especially if the child's locked inside your bedroom.


Considering the techniques, you may have one for your situation and a method. What is important is what is available at the moment (tool).

You need to be creative and technical for a moment to succeed. You can only break the door when it comes to desperate measures.

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