Wooden Shed or Steel Shed: Pros and Cons of both

A wooden shed being constructed

In today’s edition of serious debates, we will be comparing the difference between a metal and a wooden shed. Yes, a shed.

Some men have this structure in their backyard to work on things. It often gets them some much-deserved time away from their wives.

So, you went over to your neighbour’s house, and your neighbour said, “let’s go out back to the shed whilst the women talk”. When you get there, you find that he has got all kinds of stuff going on in there. These things range from repairing his motorcycle to building a new cupboard.

It’s a real man zone. You get home, and it dawns on you that it's time you get a shed too. Now the main question begs.

What kind of shed? There are many different kinds made with different material so which is best and why? Let’s look at those questions here.

A metal shed is, surprisingly, cheaper than a wooden shed (overall)

You would be surprised at the fact that a metal shed will cost you less to get going than a wooden one will. You may think that a woodshed is much easier to build, especially because wood is accessible. Well, you are more likely to pay twice the amount when putting up a wooden shed than you would with a metal one.

Depending on how big you want to go with your shed, a wooden shed can even end up costing three times the price of a metal one. You will find that a metal shed is cheaper because it is much easier to manufacture. These sheds are not as weatherproof as a wooden shed and do not manage temperature well.

It is likely that when you are working in summer, then the shed will become very humid and hot. This can be frustrating.

You will also find that when you are working in winter, the shed can turn into an Igloo. Freezing.

You will also find that the amount of work put in to make a metal shed operational is much lower than that of a wooden shed. A wooden shed will need a very reliable cut of wood. That wood will need to be cleaned and trimmed to for use.

Once done, the wood will also need to varnishing to avoid any air creeping through the gaps. Once done, you will need a much more extensive assortment of nails and screws to put up the structure. So, it is much more expensive and timelier to put up a wooden shed.

When putting up a metal shed, all that's needed is metal that gets welded together. You will not need a considerable amount of work to get the structure up and going.

Metal sheds are also much more portable than wooden sheds. If you move house, you will find that you can take your metal shed with you, but the wooden one's built into the ground.

Why might metal sheds bring your insurance down as they are more secure?

The obvious answer to this question is that wooden sheds are more flammable than metal sheds are. Wood wins the flammability contest by quite a mile. When you take insurance on the property, the shed's included.

If there is a greater likelihood that the shed can burn, then the insurance company will have to charge more. Sheds made from metal are often made with anti-fire measures in place. These prevent the walls and the door from catching fire.

This is also good for your fire safety protocol. You should get out regardless of how the fire started and where you are in the shed.

Important things to ‘shed’ light over

Differences when it comes to maintenance

With the modem day metal shed, you can expect almost no maintenance. Companies these days can offer you warranties of up to 18 years on the sheds they sell. This is quite impressive and shows that these sheds last.

You will find that with metal sheds you will only have to treat any scratches. Apart from this, you will have to clear the roof of leaves. That is about the total extent of maintenance you will have to worry about.

Looking at the wooden sheds, it is not the same ball game. With any wooden product, you can expect it to be dull after an extended period of use.

With this, you should varnish the wood at least once a year. This will stop the wood from decaying, thus preserving its use.

Differences when it comes weatherproofing/Sealing

Steel sheds are in the lead when it comes to preventing rain from entering. You will find that the structure's built more efficient than a wooden shed could be. For the most part, they are water and fireproof, which will come in handy with your insurance costs.

Wooden sheds if designed well will also hold up well against rain. They are much better at retaining the heat in winter.

They are also better at keeping cool in summer. Metal sheds are not as good at maintaining internal temperatures.

Which type is more secure?

It could be that it depends on how well both sheds are built. If built well, you will find that a wooden shed is more secure because it is heavier and made from more reliable wood.

Naturally, you can get a good padlock to make the shed as secure as possible.

In the long run, wood can mull over by termites meaning it will be less secure. In the long run, the metal shed becomes more secure.


As the saying goes, “different horses for different races.” It would be naive to conclude that a wooden shed is better than a steel one. That couldn’t be true across the board, as demonstrated in the article.

The best thing you can do is choose the shed that best suits your circumstances. Consider what you will be using the shed for. If a steel one is ideal, then go with that one.

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