5 Best Gas Leak Detectors

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on March 7, 2021

Costing less than a meal out, these could be a life saver - especially if you have a number of gas appliances. We review 5 of the most reliable ones.

A gas leak is scary and dangerous. If you've ever seen the panic on the face of a person when the smell hits their nose, then you'll know what I mean.

It is even more frightening if you cannot detect where the leak is coming from. For a split second, you won't know whether to run, call the fire department or attempt to locate the problem yourself.

As funny as it sounds, people have lost their entire livelihoods because of gas leaks. The Merrimack Valley gas explosions stand as a reminder. They often lead to combustible gases seeping into the atmosphere and buildings.

At this point, the slightest spark could set off a hazardous explosion. This is what led to the invention of the devices described on this page. It is an alarm system that can determine how much gas has filled the room.

This will help you to decide whether you need to exit the building or the gas is still at a safe level to investigate. In this article today, we will be looking at five of the top products available to the general public i.e. not commercial types.

We will examine and review these products to figure out which of them is the best. We will find relevant information to make a great decision on what is best for you.

1. MTI Industries 20-441-P-WT

MTI Industries 20-441-P-WT
Our Rating: 4.6/5


This one is for people who need on-the-go detectors. This category of customers can include but is not limited to RV travellers.

It requires a 12 Volt power supply and an alarm point greater than 25% propane and methane. This is what they have deemed to be dangerous levels for the size of a portable trailer.

It can operate in a wide range of temperatures. It is quite a compact product that is about 3.5 inches in width and 2.5 in height.

The product is innovative and comes with a mute alarm system that can detect when you have ventilated the area. It will rearm itself so that if the propane and methane levels rise again, it can detect it.


  • Quick alarm reactivation
  • Simple installation
  • Portable


  • Not suitable for non-RV areas

2. Y201 Natural Gas Detector

Y201 detector
Our Rating: 4/5


One of the main advantages is detecting a wide variety of dangerous vapours. This should lay to rest your worries if you are not using conventional gas in the house.

It can also locate where the gas line problems are and it picks up on other hazardous gases. As you move through the house, you can hold this, and it will direct you to where the gas is strongest.

This is a much more useful feature than if it were on the wall. The product is portable and will only need three AAA batteries to function.

It has quite a simple interface that is both reliable and easy to understand. It comes with six LED light alarms that are to communicate with the consumer.

Depending on how big you think the leak in your house is, you can adjust this product’s sensitivity. This is beneficial because it allows you to detect small leaks before turning them into big ones.


  • The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty.
  • Adjustable sensitivity


  • Made from a plastic that may not last if dropped.

3. UEi CD100A

UEi CD100A
Our Rating: 4/5


This has multiple uses and is able to detect methane, propane and natural gas. It's designed for convenience and precision. The product comes with a detection level of 50% combustion. i.e. it's designed for bigger areas than most.

It is also designed with an 18-inch nozzle used to detect the location of leaks in hidden areas.

It is quite common that leaks originate from places that are not quite visible to everyone. These areas include inside the stove or the walls.

The CD100A helps to determine the exact location of any leaks. To communicate with you more, they have added a work light in the sensor cap. This makes it easier for you to search for a gas leak in a dark area such as the wall or the roof.

It is quite a useful product for inspectors, plumbers, and firefighters. It has adjustable audio and visual tick rate that will be useful for customizing the product. If you cannot make use of the visual communication methods, you can use a headphone Jack and plug-in earphones.


  • 18” nozzle to detect leaks in hidden areas.
  • Work light included.
  • Headphone jack to listen in noisy areas.


  • It cannot work as an alarm only as a manual detector.

4. Natural Digital Alarm

Natural Digita Alarm
Our Rating: 4/5


This is a home combustible gas detector. The product comes with the ability to detect a wide range of different gases that can combust.

The product has an LED-based operating system that works through voice notification. This means the gas detection device will state gas concentration levels.

The alarm is very loud and told apart from another alarm. It is not difficult to install.

The installation should take you about 15 to 20 minutes. You will have to find a place on the wall where you want to place it and then plug it into the power supply.

Many restaurants worldwide have this kind of product in their kitchens. To get the product working, it requires a warmup time of three minutes most. This means that you will have to wait to perform a test or find out the concentration statistics.


  • It has a voice notification service.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Can detect a wide range.


  • It requires two to three minutes to warm up.
Grey gas pipe with a label on it

FAQ and Buying Guide

What makes a good or bad device?

First, we will be looking at a few of the most important questions to ask when you want to buy a gas monitor.

Is it an automatic or manual system?

You want to buy one that suits your lifestyle. There are two different types of gas monitors that you can buy:

You can either get automatic or portable gas detection device. These two have quite distinct and separate advantages.

If you decide that you want an automatic system, it will have to be somewhere in your house. They tend to drill it into the wall close to a power supply.

It will only be able to detect vapours that have got into that part of the house. At which point, an alarm will alert you.

It serves as a tremendous preventative mechanism. The gas leak detectors come with predetermined hazardous levels.

Anything outside of the set parameters will cause an alarm. The main disadvantage of this product is that you will not determine the location of the gas leak. You will only be able to tell the concentration of gas levels in the area.

If you decide to go with a manual system, you will usually need batteries as a power supply. This option is portable. It will be a handheld device that has a nozzle.

This is useful for people that perform leakage detection as a career. These people include but are not limited to firefighters and plumbers. We like this product because it can detect the location to a high degree of accuracy.

It does so by finding out where the gas’s biggest concentration is coming from and directing you there. This will be useful for finding leakage in locations that are difficult to access. These may include areas such as the wall, the roof, or underground

burst copper pipes from the cold, closeup

What gases can they pick up?

Many different types can be harmful when inhaled. You must diagnose any of these that may be lingering around the house.

When you buy a new device, you must ensure that you have checked what gases it can pick up. The main three are combustible gases, carbon monoxide, and radon.

Radon is the most difficult for the human nose to detect. People can live with it for many years without realizing they exist. They're linked as the second leading cause of lung cancer.

Carbon monoxide are those that come from a running machine. So, if you have a generator in the house that you may use, these gases may remain and cause you lung trouble.

The combustible gases are dangerous because they are natural. If they are leaking, it can lead to an explosion and likely burn down the house.

Portability vs Installation?

You need to know what you are looking for. If you want to buy the portable version, you must know that this product will not function as an alarm. It is a reactive tool.

This means that you will need to turn it on to determine gas levels in the house. It is helpful because it can detect where the location of the leakage is.

If you decide that you want to buy the installed version, you will not detect where the location of the gas leak is. With this, you will receive an alarm when gas levels in the house have reached a certain level.

It is quite a complicated question because both are very useful. If you have extra money, you might consider getting both.

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