5 Best Safes for Cars, RVs, and Caravans

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on April 19, 2021

If you want to learn more about the best safes for vehicles and boats, then we've got you covered. Read our tips below and you'll be all set.

Are you in the market for a new safe for your car, a recreational vehicle also known as an RV, or you want a safe for a caravan? Now that you’ve bought your vehicle, you want to accessorize it, make it your own, and personalize it.

But it is not about making it look cool. It’s also about considering security, especially if you tend to carry valuables with you.

In this article, we take a look at the five best safes for cars, RVs, and caravans. What works, what doesn’t, how should they be built, and what should you avoid. Let's dive in, shall we?

1. Fort Knox PB1

Fort Knox PB1
Our Rating: 4/5


The first thing that caught my eye about this safe is the name. I thought, indeed, something named Fort Knox is secure. Even if your thought pattern is the same, make sure that you go through the features with a fine-toothed comb.

This way, you get to know if it has everything that you need it to have. This safe's made of steel, and it has a wrap-around door.

These qualities add to its strength. The ten gauge steel helps keep it intact even in an accident or fire or any unfortunate incident. It's designed to keep a pistol and other small valuables such as this or anything you need.

To help further keep prying hands away, the hinge is tamper-resistant. Also, the interior is soft and lined with foam. Your valuables should have padding.


  • The interior is lined with foam to protect what you put inside.
  • It has holes in the bottom for easy drilling to the floor.
  • It has a powder finish look, which can give off an appearance of a clean look.
  • It uses a simple to use push button mechanical lock.
  • It is affordable


  • It has many potential lock combinations that may increase your chances of getting locked out.
  • Some users complained that the locks could be defective.

2. Caesar Safe CH-928

Caesar Safe CH-928
Our Rating: 4/5


The Ceaser safe's made of alloy steel and weighs about 15 pounds. In terms of dimensions, it measures 16.6inches by 12.6inches by 5.3 inches. This helps you fit it in spaces like your trunk or boot.

It also has a steel cable that connects the safe. To power the safe, you will need four double-A batteries. It is a digital safe and uses a combination to unlock.

This safe has two override keys. It also comes with a hard steel tethering cable, which helps you connect the safe to any fixed part of the car. I've found the tether cables to be effective in putting my paranoid brain at ease.


  • It comes with two override keys.
  • It is made of durable steel.
  • It has a steel tethering cable to help you connect the safe to any fixed object in the car.
  • It uses only four double-A batteries.


  • The locking mechanism may not always work well.
  • Whilst it is made of steel, it has some plastic parts, which may break off easily.

3. Bulldog Cases

Bulldog Cases
Our Rating: 4/5


This is a steel safe that can hold a gun. It fits in the car and secured using a bracket, which helps it stay in place.  Once the box's locked, it can't move about. The bracket also allows you to mount the safe about anywhere to put a bolt down.  There's also another cable option to connect it if you don’t want to use the bracket. It also looks good, with the powder finish. Yet, the finish serves a greater purpose than looks.  It is also scratch-resistant. While the exterior is tough, the inside is soft and helps to keep your valuables protected.


  • The powder finish is scratch-resistant
  • The security cable is 3 feet long.
  • It is portable.
  • It has a soft interior, which protects the firearm when you put it in the safe.


  • It may not be as durable as the manufacturer wants you to believe.
  • The locking system doesn’t always work as described.

4. Tuffy 250-01

Tuffy 250-01
Our Rating: 4/5


This safe's designed to fit under your car seat. It is like a draw. It weighs 1.1 pounds and measures 15inches by 5inches by 15 inches.

This makes it easier to conceal the safe, thereby a burglar may have trouble finding it. Also, it has a powder-coated finish for a smooth appearance.

One of the important things to remember is that price is always a factor. This safe is on the more affordable side, and it is also easy to install. You may find that it is easier to conceal in the car than some car safes.

To open it, you use a pull lever. Also, for added security, this safe has a pry guard locking system. This may help you keep prying hands from tampering with it.


  • It is affordable
  • It easily fits under the seat.
  • It is easier to conceal it than other bulkier models.
  • It has a pry guard locking system.
  • It opens using a pull lever.
  • It is also easy to install.


  • It may be too small for some firearms, and as such, you may be forced only to use it for smaller items.

5. Winner International LB400

Winner International LB400
Our Rating: 4/5


This safe can be easily mounted in your car. You can use the cable that it comes with to attach the safe to the seat’s hardware.

One of the things that you may like about this safe is that it fits under most car seats, making it portable. It comes with two keys, and it is lightweight, weighing 6 pounds.

You may also like that it doesn’t need to be permanently fixed. So if you're renting the car or you’ve borrowed it, it becomes easy to use and make sure that you don’t cause any damage to the car.

It also comes with a connecting cable, which can be cut with any tool. The person doing the cutting will need to have a bolt cutter.


  • It is lightweight
  • It can fit under most car seats.
  • It is portable and is not permanently fixed, meaning you can carry it even into a room or a different car.
  • The connecting cable is durable


  • The locking mechanism may not be entirely effective.
  • It may not be as durable as its pricier counterparts.

How We Decided On Our Winner

A safe in the car, RV or caravan, is a great way to ensure that you keep your valuables safe and sound. Every time I would walk away from my car, even for a few minutes, I wondered how long it would take for someone to break in. This was until I discovered effective car safes.

The right safe will provide you with an efficient way to put your valuables away and protect them. When you consider price, sometimes remember, when the numbers are low, so is the quality.

We hope this guides you to get the safe that is most effective for you, and also that suits your needs. Look out for the features that make it special for you. Happy shopping!

FAQ and Buying Guide

How to choose the best Safes for Cars, RVs and Caravans

A safe is a handy feature in a car. It’s a great way to keep your valuables safe when you need to leave them in the car. But not all safes are equal. You want to make sure that the safe you choose has the right features for you.

A lot can happen when you leave valuables in the car, RV or caravan. Different features make different safes stand out.

As you pick it out, it is important to consider what you want as well as other features. When you know what counts for you, it's easy to know what will not work and, so, what you need to avoid. For instance, a gun safe should be secure but easy to reach and also to access.

Now let's take a look at some of those.


Looking back to what you will be placed in the safe also determines the type of material that it needs to be made of. Any safe has to be made of durable material such as steel, and a car safe is no different. You want to get a safe that is durable and hard to break into.

The sturdy construction is a certain key feature for any safe. Consider the thickness of the steel. This will give you an idea of how strong the safe is.


You may also want to think about how portable it is. Ask whether it has to be fixed or if you can remove it as you do with a car radio. That will also depend on the type of car you have and the space available for a safe.

Some safes can be on the floor. Others go under the seat, in the console, or the fold-down armrest.

Easy to use

You want to make sure that the safe you get is something that you can use without having to whip out the manual. Sure, it needs to be hard for someone else to get into. If it uses keypads, it’s a good idea to get a safe with a keypad that you can access.

Ease of access also refers to dependability. What do I mean by this? You want to look for something that you know you can get into whenever you need to.

Hard to get into

You want to keep your valuables safe, make sure that the safe is hard for someone else to tamper with. Check on the type of lock that it has.

Some are mechanical, while others are more digital. Safety standards should be top of your shopping list.

You also want to ensure that children cannot get into the safe once you have closed it. This is particularly important for gun safes. I remember reading a story about a child who managed to get his dad's gun from he thought it was safely tucked away.

As a result, the man veered off the road and hit a tree, injuring them both. I thought it was quite sad and had he had a child locked safe. This could have been avoided.

Why should I get a safe for my cars, RV, or caravan?

  • RVs are more like homes on wheels, and as such, they have the potential of being broken into.
  • Safes in vehicles keep valuables safe from thieves.
  • Your valuables are protected from water and fire damage, as well as other accidents.
  • They are also a great way to keep weapons away from children, such as gun safes.
  • In case of an accident, the safe will keep valuables safe since they are usually made of durable material.
  • You can place them in different car parts, such as under the seat, where it is less conspicuous to a burglar.