Does a Bedroom Require a Window to be Legally Classed as a Bedroom?

Windows are a prevalent feature in every household. It is almost something that we take for granted until it is not there. Many new tenants are led astray by sketchy landlords who take their money.

If you are being offered a room by a landlord that does not have a window, then you might want to know the legislation. We will be discussing a few of those pertinent questions such as is it legal to rent out a room with no window?

What law is on your side if you are renting out one without a window? We will also be talking to the landlords here advising them of other options they can pursue. If they have a room without a window that they would like to make and income from, they might enjoy this article.

It may seem like quite a small matter, but the truth is living without a window is unpleasant. It can lead to depression and illness due to the lack of sunlight and proper ventilation.

If you asked a random stranger on the street what makes up a bedroom, most would not even know. This has become a loophole for improper landlords to take advantage of.

Can you rent out a windowless room?

The answer to this question is, 'kind of’. If you were to rent out a windowless room, you would not break the law because there is no legal need for a window. There is a chance that the local council could accuse you of breaking fire and safety protocols.

Nonetheless, you should not. A window offers an opportunity to receive both passive and mechanical ventilation.

This is important because if the air does not come from the window, where will it come? It is also a rule to circumvent the basic principles of fire design. To be a room, fit for someone to stay in the room should have an alternative means of escape.

Fire concerns aside, there's a chance you will be providing a depressing environment. Forcing someone to live in a room with no window could be like being in a jail cell.

What does UK Law and Regulation say?

According to UK law and regulation papers, a landlord can rent out anything that can fit a small bed into it. There is no law against how big the room should be or how many windows it should have.

It does not even talk about how much ventilation the room should have. The law argues that a room fit for someone in this city might be different for someone in the country.

For this, they have argued that it is impossible to dictate what a bedroom's defined as to be rented out to a tenant. There is hope. Without a window, most bedrooms would lack an alternative escape situation in the event of a fire.

If the door of the bedroom's covered in fire, then how would one exit the room. The local council declares that all bedrooms must have an alternative exit.

What other uses can a windowless room have?

If you have a room that does not have a window in it, you can consider using that room for storage. Not having a window means that the temperature will remain at a consistent level. It means that people can store items of value in this room and pay you for that service.

It is quite common that students who need a place to store certain items until the next semester might be interested. These rooms are best for handling things that do not need direct exposure to sunlight. If you wish to keep different mechanical parts that need a managed temperature than this is a good room.

Questions and Topics

Does a skylight count as a bedroom window?

A skylight is a beautiful modern feature that works wonders for the human soul. This comes as a window often above the tenant’s bed, allowing them to look at the Sky as they sleep or the clouds.

If this skylight has the facility to open, then it can be a bedroom window. It will provide an escape and will be excellent in providing extra ventilation. There will also be fresh light coming into the room, which will be good for morale.

Does a door with glass panels count as an egress?

Egress is an emergency exit. A door with glass panels cannot be an egress because if the door is on fire in a fire, someone can still not exit the room.

This, so, would go against fire and safety protocols set by the local council. For this to pass, there must be an alternative exit that is away from the door.


In conclusion, no law states that you must have a window in the room for you to rent it out. It is not right for you to have someone living in a room with no window. It is dangerous for their mental health as well as their physical health.

No window will mean that they only have one exit in their room should a fire spread. If you have an extra room in a windowless house, you can consider using it for storage purposes. Most places need bedrooms to have a window, especially if it is being rented out.

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