5 Best Key Safe Lock Boxes

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"For the sake of spending an extra hour browsing the internet and spending less than what it costs a dinner for two, you can buy items that could save lives. It's foolish not to invest in a recommended alarm system."
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Reece Thompson

From 2015, landlords were being urged to act to ensure they comply with new safety laws aimed at saving dozens of lives a year.

Tenants and those who rent also need to be aware of the new regulations, which were approved by Parliament on 14 September 2015 and make it compulsory for all landlords to fit smoke alarms in rented homes. The laws came into effect on 1 October 2015.

Under the new laws smoke alarms must be fitted on every floor of the property as well as carbon monoxide alarms in properties which burn solid fuels. Landlords must check the alarms are working at the start of every new tenancy with potential penalties of up to £5,000 if they don’t comply.

Tenants are required to check the alarms are in working order and notify the landlord if they identify any problems. Fire and Rescue Services suggest that smoke alarms are checked regularly to give everyone the best chance of an early warning in the event of a fire starting.

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