Best Fake Security Cameras

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on February 4, 2020

Using a dummy security camera is never going to beat an actual working one. Let's get that right out there. But what options do you have if your budget doesn't stretch? We give our opinion on the 5 best alternatives.

At some point or another, you've probably thought about investing in a security system. Why wouldn't you? That peace of mind that comes with knowing you're a lot safer than you'd be without one can make it a lot easier to sleep at night.

I'm sure that if you haven't gotten yourself one yet, though, it's either because security systems aren't the most affordableand can be a bit of a pain to install.

But before we give our comments on the top 5, let's give you our winner, the budget choice and one that you should probably avoid!

Because of all these reasons mentioned above, people are turning to fake security recorders. These imitate the real thing to ward off criminals and anyone else who shouldn't be hanging around.

Whether you own a home that you care about keeping safe or own a business where it's your job to minimize the chances of incidents, it may be worth considering buying one of these gadgets.

“​It's always better to get a real system. When your budget doesn't stretch, this is a decent alternative.”

1. Night Watch (with Motion Sensor LED)

Our Rating: 4.5/5
Fake Surveillance Camera

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This dummy recorder by night watch security is a small but highly capable device. Not only is there an LED light that blinks every three seconds, but a light sensor detects whether it's day or night to engage a security light. A motion sensor detects objects up to 25 feet away and, once an object is detected, turns on a bright security light.

It can be mounted on a wall or a ceiling, though it does require you to plug it into an outlet. While you'll have to do a little bit of DIY to drill a hideaway hole to pull the cable through and plug it in, that cable will add to the realism.

It comes with the wall plug and a 10-foot extension cable as well, so you don't need to spend the money on those extra supplies. Other bonus features include a fake micro SD cardholder and a sticker that reads, "Security Alert: 24-hour surveillance. Trespassers will be prosecuted."


  • Having to use an actual cable adds to the realism
  • Has an energy-saving mode and a high-performance mode
  • Motion sensor turns on a security light at night when nearby objects are detected


  • Requires more than just mounting to install

2. Armo Fake Bullet Surveillance CCTV

Our Rating: 4.2/5
armo dual cameras

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We present to you the fake bullet camera by Armo. It comes as a two pack.

The body is a lightweight plastic but mimics the appearance of metal. The mounting plate and the screws are metal themselves as well, so from a distance, and even fairly close up, this looks genuine.

The mount adjusts to any angle as well, so you can mount it on a wall or hang it from the ceiling.

It comes with a realistic-looking cable, for added effect, and a flashing red light. The light always stays on, however, because there is no option to turn it off, which means you'll need to change the batteries every couple of days.

It takes two AA batteries to get it going, but if you don't have any on hand, don't worry, a lot of real ones don't often have those blinking lights anyway.

As an additional bonus, the camera comes with two wall decals that read, "Warning: 24-hour video surveillance. Violators will be prosecuted."


  • Blinking light runs 24/7
  • Metal parts help make the plastic parts mimic a real camera better
  • Mount rotates and swivels to adjust to any angle


  • The decals fade almost immediately.
  • If left unsheltered, the camera may weather away fairly quickly.
  • Batteries need to be changed often to keep the LED light blinking.

3. WALI Bullet Dummy CCTV with LED Light

Our Rating: 4.2/5
a set of 4 Fake Surveillance Security CCTVs

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The fake security system by WALI comes with four genuine-looking CCTVs to deter intruders.

While the body is plastic, it does have metal parts to it, such as the mounting plate and the brackets, but it's appearance best imitates metal from a distance. The mounting hardware tilts and rotates, so it can be adjusted towards most angles, giving you a wide range when it comes to setting them up.

The camera comes with a blinking LED light to catch eyes and let possible intruders know that a fake CCTV is there.

Supplied batteries power the LED lights and can last months if brand new. It also comes equipped with a fake video cable that feeds into a faux cable hiding hole to fool others into thinking you've wired the camera into the house.

As a final bonus, you get a sticker that reads, "24-hour recording," just to drive to the point home.


  • Batteries will last a long time to keep the LED light on.
  • The cable whole gives the appearance of professional wiring.
  • The plastic material is resistant to natural chemical damage.


  • Batteries are not included.
  • Can't adjust to every angle.
  • Doesn't look as realistic when you get up close.

4. BNT Dummy Security Camera for Home

Our Rating: 4/5
fake cctv for home - 4 pack

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This four-pack of cameras by BNT proves to be one of the most legitimate options that you can choose.

The plastic body mimics metal so well that it looks like a real camera even when you get up close and personal. The mounting plate provides a 3-axis rotation so that you can easily adjust the angle, and the casing is waterproof, so it holds up pretty well in the rain.

However, it is rather light, so you'll want to place it somewhere it can't be tampered, as it might become easily damaged.

The CCTVs comes with a flashing red light that takes two AA batteries - not included - and uses a photoelectric sensor to only illuminate at night, extending your battery life.

The camera does also come with a sticker on the side that says batteries are required, so you might want to peel that off if you don't want to give away that the camera is a phony.

The camera also doesn't come with any sort of cable, though this might not matter to most intruders upon first glance.


  • Looks genuine right out of the package.
  • Waterproof casing gives it a good chance against rain (as long as the batteries aren't exposed)
  • LED light only illuminates at night which allows the batteries to last longer


  • Fairly susceptible to damage due to being so lightweight
  • No fake cable included
  • Has a "batteries required" sticker that might be a giveaway if not removed

5. WALI Fake Security CCTV Dome Camera

Our Rating: 3.6/5
WALI dummy CCTV Dome Camera 4 Packs

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You've probably seen those dome-shaped security cameras inside of all sorts of stores and other establishments, which is why these dome cameras by WALI are guaranteed to do the trick.

Traditionally, you would mount them on the ceiling, and because these dummy cameras are so lightweight, you can use double-sided adhesive tape to secure them if you don't want to make screw holes in your ceiling (or wall).

Every camera in the 4-pack comes with a blinking LED light and takes two AA batteries that can last six months or sometimes longer if put in fresh.

While it does have an artificial camera lens, the real counterparts of these dome cameras are tinted so that you can't see the lens.

You might want to turn the lens towards your house so that no one will see it if you're going for the highest level of realism that you can achieve.

Like most of the others on this list, it comes with warning decals. All four of them read, "24-hour recording."


  • Can be mounted with adhesive tape rather than screws
  • Looks identical to the real thing if you turn the lens away from view
  • Batteries will last for over half a year


  • Not waterproof; be careful if installing anywhere exposed to rain
  • If left in view, the lens actually might make this camera look like a fake compared to the real ones

The Best Fake CCTV Camera Overall?

Out of the five, we believe that your best bet would be the Night Watch Security Fake Surveillance Camera.

While it possesses similar beneficial qualities to the others, such as an adjustable base and an LED light, it offers other features that the other dummy versions do not. The motion sensor and the security light provide that extra working authenticity, the fake micro SD cardholder can fool anyone who gets a chance to get up close, and the cable installation means you'll never have to worry about changing batteries.

It may require an extra step to install, but, hey, someone who sees you drilling into your wall to set it up may believe even more that you're setting up a real camera.

Even though the decoy camera by Night Watch proves to be our top pick, any of our other choices are an excellent investment. The safety of your home or business is essential, and having a fake camera is better than having no security at all.

Setting Up a Fake CCTV Operation

One of the things that makes these cameras so desirable over the real deal is their price. Real ones are expensive, so why not get an imitation version that looks very similar for a fraction of the price?

People will still think the same thing. Aside from the primary benefit of warding off criminals, the employees at your business and possibly the children in your home may even be a little more careful about what they're doing if they aren't in the know that the cameras aren't real.

These cameras are also far more manageable to install than their real-life counterparts due to their lack of wires and cables.

All you need to do is mount them onto the wall or ceiling as you would do for a television (sans wiring) or a floating shelf - though mounting a dummy camera is probably easier than either of those things.

What to Look For When Choosing

You're going for the illusion of realism, so you'll want to look for anything that's going to make it look realistic. First and foremost, take care to stay up-to-date with modern styles. Having an older looking device may still look real, but criminals may assume it doesn't "work" anyway because of how outdated it is.

If you do want to trick people into thinking you've got a working machine, no matter what style, try to look for a camera with blinking lights. Even though you'll need to replace the batteries to keep the lights going - and if they run out, criminals may similarly believe the camera no longer works - it's worth it for the realism.

Lastly, while the lack of wires is what makes it so easy to install, think about looking into cameras with fake cables. Some may think that a lack of wiring is a clear giveaway that the camera is a farce, so if you have false wires too, they might second-guess themselves.

Where to Set Up Your Camera

The most important things to consider are that you want your device to be visible and out of reach so that intruders can't get hold of it. You'd want to place it anywhere you would place a real one, such as above the entrance of your front or back door, on your balcony, or by your window.

To go the extra mile and be doubly safe, you should place a recording device or two inside of your house, in places like the garage or the stairway of your basement.

A Warning to Consider

Because these do not take any picture or video, you can't do much but set them up and hope for the best. More experienced criminals may not even care if you have cameras set up or not.

When an accident happens involving those criminals, you won't have any actual evidence to take to the police. If you're going to invest in a dummy recorder, know that you're taking a massive leap of faith.

Since some fake cameras may possess clear giveaways that they aren't real, you must choose the right one for your home or business.

So that's it from us on this set of reviews and conclusions. We hope you've taken real value from the compiled list of some of the best fake security cameras on the market.

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