How to Burglar Proof Your Windows?

There are some easy ways to deter burglars from targeting your windows. We look at the most cost effective ways that you can manage in a day or two.

child opening window handle
If you don't have window handles with a key on, they're cheap to buy from eBay and Amazon.

Having been a victim of a burglary before, I know how violated you feel. The place that's supposed to be your sanctuary has been breached. In the fortunate cases, the culprit would make away with some goods without causing harm.

Granted, there will be some harm done to the property. We all know prevention is better than cure. The burglars may have entered a home through one of the openings.

How does one prevent windows from being the entry point for a burglar and getting peace of mind? That is what this article will share. It will give you some of the insight that I got the hard way.

How do I secure my windows from the inside?

If you wish to secure from the inside, there are three ways you can consider.

1. You can make the glass stronger and less likely to shatter using glass security film. This is a plastic film that you can buy anywhere around the world at a low price. It's applied to the glass so that if a robber is to try and smash through, it will only crack but will not give way.

This is because it will fall back on the security film. This is the same kind of film you would find on the windscreen of cars if you drive into something.

2. You can install window sensors. These glass break alarms are ingenious little devices that can detect movement through heat. If your windows open after the alarm has turned on, the sensor will trigger an alarm placed in the house.

This should give you enough time to react to any possible danger. Alarms can connect to a company that will receive an alert when the alarm is triggered.

3. You can use old fashioned window bars. There is nothing fancy or pretty about this concept, but it is efficient.

Putting metal bars on guarantees that no one gain forced access from outside. Some make use of locks to open, although this gives some risk to your house. These aren't common practises in residential homes in the United Kingdom, but they are more visible across mainland Europe and in the USA.

grilles to front of window
This is more evident in continental Europe, but it's still possible in the UK

Do Burglars break windows?

Yes. Robbers will sometimes break them to enter homes. It is the most direct and simple way to gain access to your property. This is more common if the robbers own weapons meaning they do not care if you hear them entering.

This can be a scary thought, but it does happen. You should ensure that you have a planned and practised fire drill, so your family knows what to do.

“You should install outdoor lights as a cheap deterrent”

How do you stop burglars from targeting your home?

If you are looking to minimise your chances of getting robbed, you should consider a few tips.

1. You should have outside lights.

You must have outside lights around your house because if anyone is in your yard, they can be seen by family. Early detection can protect your family from any unwanted intruders. Robbers are also less likely to try and rob a home if they can be easily seen through good lighting.

It will also prevent people from looking into the house. If robbers can identify where people in the house are, they can plan the best entry point.

2. Try to keep curtains closed during the day or use blinds.

It's always nice to have light in the house, but if your house's interiors seen, you will draw robbers’ eye. Robbers are unlikely to rob a house that they have not seen the inside of. If they can't see the things in your home, it's doubtful they will guess what you have and that you are worth their time.

man with a balaclava hammering through a window

How do I secure windows without bars?

If you do not want to bar your window from any kind of use, you will want to consider motion detection systems. In such a case, two magnets are at the bottom of the window; One to the base and the other to the window frame. If these stop touching, then an alarm will begin ringing.

man with balaclava using crowbar on window

How do you scare burglars away?

Most security shops and companies sell what's called a panic button. This is a button that one keeps nearby their bedside table or on their keychain. It is something of a remote.

It's connected to a deafening alarm that will be in your house. When you suspect that there are burglars at your house, then you can press this button, and the alarm will ring. In most cases, a panic button will also alert the authorities if you have paid for this service.

How do you burglar-proof your home?

  • Lights outside
  • Alarm outside or inside
  • Bars outside
  • Strong door lock


How do most burglars break into a home?

Statistics show the majority of burglars enter homes through unlocked doors and windows. It is quite normal in some neighbourhoods where it's presumed to be ‘safe’ not to lock your openings. Many people do not have a wall around their home.

They live on good terms with the people around them. This leads to targeted neighbourhoods, and you would be surprised at how easy it becomes.

You should always ensure that your door has a double lock that won’t be easy to slide open. Then you should also ensure that all windows lock at a specific time daily.

Will I need a home security system for certain security cameras?

You will not need a home security system for most modern-day security cameras. Majority of cameras today will only need WIFI and will be able to give you a live feed of what is happening in the house.

This live feed can be watched from any device that can download the security application. I.e. laptop, cell phone or tablet.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t been robbed before, you may not see it coming with robberies. One can live five years without being robbed, but that creates a false sense of security. It only takes one time for an intruder to notice your house and attempt to enter it.

At this point, they could have a weapon and hold your entire family hostage. It's never a pleasant experience; you are better off protected than not.


The best way to prevent a break-in is to find the weak spots in your home’s security.

Your goal is to resolve these issues before other parties get their hands on it. You can use the advice provided in the article to make your home safer.

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