What Do Electricians Charge To Install Detectors?

We explore what the average electrician charges to ensure your property meets the minimum standard in terms of smoke alarms that are fully connected in a property.

Let's get to it: What's the average cost?

How much you're paying depends on where you live, but the average cost to provide a full mains powered interlinked smoke alarm system sits at around £2000 per property.

"The idea of employing an electrician from a cheaper part of the country to come down and fully install a system can work out to be up to a 54% saving."

What The Law Says and DemandsSince 1992, Building Regulations stipulate that any new home must have at least 1 smoke alarm that is mains wired. This also means that mains powered smoke alarms will have a battery backup in case the mains electricity fails.

We explore more about home alarms regulations elsewhere, but for this page, we'll move on to what this means in practical terms.When it comes to a multi let property or houses in multiple occupancy (HMO), a mains powered alarm can be linked with other alarms either through wiring or radio. You should speak to your council to see if radio interlinked alarms will be acceptable.

You also need to employ a fully qualified electrician to undertake the work. Under no circumstance should you be attempting the work yourself.

The benefit here is that if there is a fire in one room then, due to the linkage, the detectors in the other rooms will go off in addition to the one where the fire is located. It gives everyone an equal opportunity to be notified at the same time.

Average Cost to Fit Linked Smoke Alarm System

Greater London£2850
South East£2670
South West£2500
West Midlands£2300
East Midlands£2200
East of England£2135
Yorkshire and the Humber£2050
North West£1850
North East£1850
Northern Ireland£2100

The above averages have been priced in for the following items below. It was based on a 3 bedroom semi-detached house with 2 reception rooms, a separate kitchen and 1 bathroom. We also called or emailed at least 3 electricians/alarms installers to get an average price.

  • Semi-detached home, 3 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom
  • Hard-wired mains system needed i.e. floorboards can be taken up
  • Will need trunking to be used throughout
  • Damaged decor to be left for us to deal with afterwards
  • Any rubbish and waste to be cleared by the electrician/installers
  • Smoke detectors in the living and communal spaces
  • Heat and smoke detector in the kitchen

Who Were The Winners?

From the results, it's clear that the North West and North East had the best prices, both averaging £1850.00 for a complete installation in a 3 bedroom semi detached property. London, naturally is the most expensive and comes in at 54% more expensive than the cheapest areas at an average cost of £2850.00.

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