Missing Orders? You Need Some Package Theft Prevention Tips

Preventing package theft is becoming an ever increasing concern for many home owners. What steps can you take to ensure that you’re not inviting a passer-by to snoop around your home?


With over 3 million packages going missing or reported as stolen, it’s becoming increasingly annoying when delivery drivers leave packages and mail in random places at the front of the property, incentivising potential thieves to sniff out an opportunity.

Nowadays, lots of homeowners are either opting to get items delivered either to an Amazon Locker or installing a mail dropbox on their front porch or mounting it on their outside front wall. This is just one option, but we list other tips below to help ensure that you’re not subject to this increasing opportunity crime.

1. Use a Mail Delivery Box

If you get lots of orders and have space at the front of your property, then you can place or install a secure box. If you have a certain type of padlock, you can connect this to couriers such as UPS and Fedex and they can open and close the padlock without your presence. We discuss the best parcel delivery dropbox elsewhere, but we would recommend something like this if you’re getting lots of deliveries.

a parcel drop box outside a White front door

2. Use an Amazon Locker (if you’re a heavy user)

If you order lots of things from Amazon, then it is worthwhile getting the items delivered to a locker from Amazon. These can be positioned in post offices, supermarkets, petrol stations and so on. The downside to this service is that:

  • You have to physically go to where these lockers are located
  • You can only get Amazon packages delivered to the location

This is not the most practical solution for all your online orders, but it is an option.

“Your items can be delivered to a Locker if they’re sold or fulfilled by Amazon.com and meet the size and weight limits, and if the Locker you select will have room for your order when it arrives.”

3. Install a security camera (or even a dummy one)

The simple sight of a security camera can put off most opportunistic thieves. You don’t have top spend hundreds to get an active deterrent. A dummy security camera can be bought for peanuts, so this is a good option if you’re short of funds.

In terms of home security, you can apply everything we’ve said on this page, but it doesn’t mean you are 100% guaranteed that an opportunistic thief will never attempt to steal packages from your front porch. An additional layer of security here is to purchase home contents insurance, but this topic goes beyond the scope of this article.

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