Best Anti-Climb Security Spikes

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on October 4, 2020

You can use barbed wire, but it's more cost effective to use spikes on fences and walls to deter a burglar looking to climb up. We review five of the top rated types.

The world revolves around risks, but, it goes with the one that can cause harm to things that you hold close to home. What if it's the home itself? Almost every year, each neighbourhood experiences gruesome instances of burglary and invasion.

Fence & wall spikes have become very popular amongst consumers when building or buying a home. The range of security these provide is phenomenal and noteworthy to consider them. For protecting the entire home, it's essential to pick wall fences that would provide a shield.

Fences are often seen as a discouragement by people or even animals trying to intrude that area. These fences prove to work 100%.

1. DefendStrip

Our Rating: 4/5


With a flat strip and uniform spikes, this product is cost- effective and can use throughout any area. It's a polypropylene trespassed deterrent in shape and constructed with horizontal cones. The cones is a feature and it acts against encouraging invaders to plan on intruding.

It's adaptable and more so, very flexible as it can recycle. It's simple to fit in non-uniform places and is suitable for both curved and flat surfaces alike.

With joining tabs, ten are available in 5 m pack, 40 defendastrips in 20 m pack, and 100 defendastrips in 50 m pack. As this creates barriers with its cone-shaped spikes, it's high quality and caters to the environment of making it cautionary.


  • Versatile in structure
  • Adaptable
  • Recyclable
  • SBD accredited
  • Perfect Length and breadth to fit anywhere


  • Not very ginormous in structure

2. Cactus Wall Fence Spikes

cactus wall fence spikes
Our Rating: 4/5


With a great design, this product's built to keep away animals from entering the property area. With such good fitting, it's promising to deter humans too. Cut lines are already in the flat surface of this, so you do not need to bustle to measure the lines where you'll cut.

It has sharpened, edging strips, which makes it cautionary. It also works long term with keeping away the birds.

This particular fence can divide and used in different sections. Again, this is very workable in case of local cats, so you don't have to worry about having your property hitchhiked by animals.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, this product is waterproof. It's easy to install and very wide stripes to fit the area. Available in different sizes, the packs come with caution signs which portrays caution.

The strips are 1.35 m in length and 1.5 cm in width. The caution signs size comes with a 0.7 mm plastic print and 81 mm x 57 mm.

This product has a guarantee of 9 years. As this is a technology product, it's a priority to cause irritation.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with good value
  • Effective spikes
  • Plastic spikes
  • Can be divided into several strips


  • Might not be very durable
  • Has to be fitted to work against pigeons

3. Stegastrip

Our Rating: 4/5


Made with magnificent weathering resistance, this product is very effective against unwanted intruders. It comes with a low-cost warning sign that is very much affordable. It fits according to the typical boundary lodge as it tops on walls, sills, fences, and gates.

It provides a shield against High frost and other natural disasters coming on your way. Through the boundary, you'd be able to notice the versatility that this comes with. This item can nail, glue it even screwed to fit the walls or places where you want it to be fit.

They come with rust-free nails, and hence there's little chance of any kind of damage. The high strength polypropylene gives firmness against rainstorms too.

This strip is 500mm in length and 50mm in base with 60mm high spikes providing most deterrence. The strips are plastic, and the board is flat and uniform, giving out the structure of being able to fit in any place. The spikes have a centre hinge design that makes the board fix to irregular surfaces.

These strips are also friendly to coping stones and pipes. The strips can fit and stuck together with screws, and it held these spikes form a rotating deterrent best to sway away intruders.

The strips come with holes, and more holes can drill if need so. Trimming can also be with a usable saw for gaining a fitted size.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to fit
  • Unique in design
  • Optimum with protection
  • Strong and firm to be fitted
  • Would cause minimum harm
  • Affordable


  • Causes maximum harm
  • Needs to trimmed to one's preference
  • Need to adjust with the panel

4. Stegastrip Intruder Deterrent

IStegastrip Garden security
Our Rating: 4/5


With strong strips, this keeps away the intruders and cats. It comes with a flat surface of having plastic strips that would give a vision of the perfect discomfort. These strips can fit fence tops, pipes, and coping stones as it's built with a centre hinge design that allows it to fit any surfaces.

It's waterproof and very durable. The strips are plastic, and because the board has plenty, you don't need to worry about performance. The spikes are cone-shaped, sharp, and durable.

The clipping of these strips makes it come together to fit in its place, providing most security. These are easy to fit with the post to provide a rotating version.

The multiplying fixing position gives a jolt to the fence for creating a shield.


  • Strong and durable
  • Comes with strengthened shield material
  • Versatile
  • Provides deterrence against animals and humans alike


  • Might need to add an extra post
  • Might be a little thin

5. GEEZY Anti-Climb Wall Spikes

GEEZY deterrent
Our Rating: 4/5


This product is easy to fit around fences and sills and attached to any boundary all. This gives protection against pests and any kind of domestic animal.

The strips are great throughout all uneven/ even surfaces and are a great solution to any kind of problem. This item can cause a repelling effect easing any kind of inhuman techniques.

The length and breadth of the product make it easy to install the board of spikes anywhere. The spikes are 100% plastic rather than having any metal, keeping you worry-free from rust.

These are long-lasting and firm when fitted throughout the perimeter of the property. It contains ten individual spikes that cover up to 5m length in total.


  • Easy to install anywhere
  • Great in sturdiness
  • Affordable
  • UV treated so causes no damage due to sunlight
  • Great adhesion
  • Comes with pest repelling effect


  • Contains small holes compared to large ones

How We Decided On Our Winner

With such great items for securing your garden or property, you'd served pretty well if you get hold of any of these. These strips are 100% accredited and recommended for a protective boundary.

FAQ and Buying Guide

What are anti-climb fence spikes?

Anti-spike fence spikes are generally built to provide a shield around the perimeter. These spikes can have different lengths and shapes according to one's preferences. It's suggested for better protection against vandalism or unwanted intruders trying to invade.

These are effective solutions against putting up with burglary. The stronger and fitter these anti-climb spikes are, the better will they serve you.

The anti-climb fence spikes are potential warning signs. The moment someone plans to enter, these would want to withdraw their plan.

Why choose an anti-climb fence spike over any other material?

Anti-climb fence spike layout more appropriate safety over other fence toppings. The privilege that comes with this is more of a preventive measure and ensures security. Barbed wire or razor tape can cut down, and it would be convenient for anyone coming with wire cutters.

Again, with broken glasses too, it'd be too easy to break it with a hammer and shorten it in height. Yet, with this, the spikes are stronger and are very dangerous, having the potential to harm. As it stands stronger and firmer in its place, anti-climb spikes are much more preferred.

What to look for when you're buying anti-climb fence spikes?

When buying anti-climb fence spikes, some of the things that need to be considered are

  • Strength and firmness
  • Caters to the entire top of the wall with length and breadth
  • Split aluminium and sharp plastic material
  • Manufactured spikes that can be nailed, screwed or glued
  • Can be used with warning signs above the fence

Types and ranges of anti-climb spikes

With a different kind of measure, comes several manufactured spikes that would work best. Anti-climb spikes are range with great deterrence to add value to safety and secure the place. These spikes can be on flat roofs and walls with over 2 meters and more.

These spikes divide into three types with a precision of shape and structure. The spikes are:

  • Wall spikes
  • Razor spikes pipe
  • Razor channel spikes

Razor spikes: with an effective security eye and have durability for fencing gates. These spikes are very favourable

How to abide by the law while using anti-climb spikes?

It's great news that we can protect ourselves and, the property we're concerned off. It's still to keep in mind that the occupier's liability is the law that protects trespassers. The law also mentions that if the warning of any hazard's put beforehand, no charges will take.

When constructing and putting a fence up, it's essential to put that danger sign. It puts out a warning throughout and makes sure that they keep a safe distance from even trying to invade.

to use for large infrastructure like public properties. This high weather resistance comes with anti-rust and anti-corrosion techniques.

To dig into some of the best, you must keep your vision wide and make the right choice for your preferred area.

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