5 Best Anti-Snap Locks

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on September 15, 2020

We've fitted hundreds of anti-snap and thumbturn locks for our UPVC doors. We go through the 5 top rated ones that we've installed.

While stressing, we often tend to forget the root causes of problems that bay through our way. When you're looking for the right key to lock your home, you don't want to end up finding your home wrecked. This seems to happen a lot when you're not accustomed to knowing which anti-snap lock is best.

It is crucial and, more so, fundamental to secure your home with quality security when you know the risk is a tie. It's beneficial when we get to see the feasibility of snap locks.

Since picking is easy, it's easier to install a mode that would prevent this. Hence this would provide complete guidance against this and how we can avoid it.

What to look for when buying anti-snap locks?

When buying, it's essential to keep an eye on the registered certificate of that lock. Including the finishing manufacture details that include withstanding to bumping, picking, and drilling.

With many lock snapping techniques, the intruders tend to find a way to break through your home. The risk can reduce to the most level of the accreditation's followed.

Some of the prominent and strong ones are designed to tackle the vulnerability of lock snapping's stated below:

1. Nickel YALE 2013 Lock

Nickel YALE anti-snap
Our Rating: 4.3/5


With high-quality technological, this ensures to protect your home with the best pricing. This item comes with a flat cut key, which is also reversible. The reversibility is keys that make it easier to handle the extra keys.

It also ensures to prevent lock bumping, hitching, picking, extraction, and drilling. Altered and manufactured with YALE, this item comes with great platinum fitting. Key security's rated top-notch, and the cylinder lock has 3x dimple and groove keys.

The keys are with a key code card and an extra fixing screw. Without displaying much, this stands firm and resists twists and turns.


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Resists attack
  • Excellent inner strength


  • Cannot alter dimples and grooves
  • Fewer keys than one might prefer

2. Schlosser Technik TS007

Schlosser Technik Euro cylinder-TS007
Our Rating: 3.9/5


The Schlosser Technik provides all the required security solutions to your home. It's easy to install and very standard on protecting the inner strength of the lock. The methods of anti-snap locking that come with this product are durable.

Moreover, Schlosser Technik is also rigorous in the case of sacrificial sections snaps. With a secure steel fitting, the cylinder's proved against any kind of attack. It's popular in its form and shape with marked-up ID card and card keys.


  • Excellent lock feature
  • Snap secure technology
  • Easy to fit


  • Mechanism not very precise

3. Avocet ATK TS007

Avocet ATK TS007
Our Rating: 4/5


This product gives protection to lock snapping and works well around any doors. The centre of this anti-snap lock is in a dynamic way, creating alerts and fostering anti-break. This product is ideal for all starting from uPVC doors to composite ones.

This is locksmith approved. Minimizing risk and eliminating the vulnerability of this. It has made with the finest steel and a diamond standard cut. It's easy to fit, and hence the installation is convenient.

There are tools that help the lock stay firm and don't fall off during snooping or bumping. It also can entice bits that can jam the lock during an emergency. It can be to prevent destructive invasion.


  • Great security features
  • Sturdy in shape and quality
  • Comes with polished keys
  • Affordable and durable


  • Might need to add an extra key if needed

4. Schlosser Technik Ultimate 50/50

Schlosser Technik ultimate
Our Rating: 4/5


This product's made from scratch to prevent lock snapping through any compact medium. It's suitable for all kinds of doors starting from uPVC, composite, and timber. It shields the door lock by preventing the major three forms of attack.

With the most priority, this developed to make the whole procedure attack reduce. This operates, and because of its quality, the security's balanced, and the set up can be within a few minutes.


  • Comes with maximum sheerness
  • Easy to install
  • Constructed with good quality aluminium
  • Operates well with three provided keys


  • Some might have trouble with the lock tenacity

5. Era Fortress TS007

Era Fortress TS007 UPVC door lock
Our Rating: 3.7/5


This product's rated popular on its sturdiness, security features, and affordability. With much of its features focusing on any and every type of burglary attack, this is to say that it's functional. This product top-notch security and provides a safety pin to block the unwanted entrance.

The valuable feature that this product holds is that you can control it and used with a key from inside the house. As this cylinder holds British standard kitemark- TS007, it's certified and very reliable. With a centre that guards it, it has a secured design accreditation and sold secure diamond.

The profile contains six security pins for anti-attack protection. To add more to it, the key's protected using a red rubber that procures extra shields. Yet, the red casing can remove as per convenience. It's easy to fit and works within seconds after installation.


  • Conducts smooth operation with quality lock feature
  • Built with high straining material
  • Easy to install


  • The hard-plastic cover in the centre has to be manually removed
thief trying to pick a lock inside a blue front door

How We Decided On Our Winner

When picking the key, you'd find every product here having most security, providing safety. Hence, any item would do justice to shield your lock and have you safe from burglary mishap.

a man replacing a barrel lock in a wooden white door

FAQ and Buying Guide

What is lock snapping?

The technique used by breaking into French doors is with euro cylinder locks. The cylinders used in such a case isn't as resilient as it's thought to be. It's breakable and fragile at the centre, which gives much exposer to these intruders.

Making it labour-saving and approachable. The only way to know whether your doors secure and have anti-snap is by observing the features. The combination would provide enhanced security, which would prevent intruders from breaking in.

How to verify if your anti-lock snap works?

The ways to identify whether you're on the right track is by observing a few features of real anti-snap locks. Some of these features are:

  • Test the lock. The lock has to be effective against all attacks and thorough testing it is possible to meet results.
  • The lock has to be fit to the door. Imbalanced fitting would lead to snapping, and hence it would of no use.
  • Since it comes with different shapes and sizes, it's important to see if the specific lock would match.
  • Has to approve to either to SS372 diamond or TS007 3*
  • Has to have the 3-star kitemark logo, which indicates the authenticity of the product.

How does an anti-snap lock work?

To have a secured home, manufacturers have looked out for a workable solution. Anti-snap locks prevent the risk of lock snapping and works fit as it's developed with anti-snap bars.

If an intruder is willing to apply force, the lock will not break rather would stay protected. Hence the mechanism's dismissed, and your lock guards your home as a whole.

Why do you need an anti-snap lock?

To begin with, the perfect answer to this question lies within the sacred safety of your home. More so, you must acknowledge the aptness of people approaching your home. There are fitter and easier ways to raid your home with mechanisms that are convenient.

The ones with euro profile house settings and protruding cylinders are targets. This is to say that-snap locking isn't seldom, rather it happens all the time now. Since it's easier to breakthrough, it's important to engage your security.

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