​5 Best Biometric Safes

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on July 30, 2021

There are plenty of options meant for protecting valuables such as watches, jewelry, and bank account access codes. The question is what type of safe should you buy for your home?

There are two major types - those that use a fingerprint scanner, and those that do not. The latter option offers more flexibility but also has the potential to be breached with relative ease.

Using fingerprint technology, the moment you place it on the scanner and it is recognised, the whole internal locking system opens up the safe. 

You expect to get the most accurate and secure safe that will not compromise privacy. It has to be quicker to operate. As much as you want it to be secure, you can still have one or two more people you would like to allow access to the contents.

Only a safe that allows many fingerprints will help this. Below is a more detailed review of the best Biometric reader safes.

A Biometric safe is a safe that uses fingerprint technology to recognize you. The moment your fingerprint's recognized is the moment it scans and unlocks the safe. Many Biometric safes bring different characteristics that you need to consider.

You expect to get the most accurate and secure safe that will not compromise privacy. It has to be quicker to operate. As much as you want it to be secure, you can still have one or two more people you would like to allow access to the contents.

Only a safe that allows many fingerprints will help this. Below is a more detailed review of the best Biometric safes.

Vaultek Biometric Handgun Safe

Valtek Biometric Handgun Safe
Our Rating: 4/5


The Vaultek safe has managed to excel the standards as it has many unique features. It has technology that lets you check your battery, history, and manage fingerprints. You have access to review any tempering that may have taken place.

You can add more fingerprints to the system and get rid of the ones you deem unnecessary. If you have any suspicion, you can follow up on the history log. That will give you leads as you review the log.

The battery life is significant as you would not take an inconvenience and it switches off.

It comprises many security features that include physical anti-theft protection, anti-pry bars, and security brackets. What makes it durable is that it's made up of 16-gauge carbon steel meant for heavy machines. It uses lithium-ion batteries that can last p to four months.

They do not take more hours to charge. Considering that the batteries can last up to four months, 2 hours 5 minutes is not a lot of time. You have easy access to your safe, and your contents are easy to view due to the light that comes from the keypad.

It is enough for the whole safe. It also comes with an LED light inside.


  • Improved anti-theft protection
  • Interior LED light
  • Compatible with a smartphone
  • Easy access to contents
  • Quick
  • Durable


  • Not ideal for low-budget users


Barska Biometric Safe
Our Rating: 4/5


The Barska safe comes with an improved BioSecure technology that is not complicated. You're assured that no intruder will have access to your valuables or fire-arm. You can have as many as thirty fingerprints on one safe.

It is easy to use. It is quite portable and easy to store in your house.

The Fingerprint is very responsive. a slight touch, your safe is open. It has a solid steel construction that is enough to keep your firearms, valuable assets. It is quite reliable as it allows you to restrict certain users, such as kids.

You can have your day-to-day access to the safe, and it gives you room for quick responses to emergencies. The batteries are quite durable as they can last up to a year.

It is tamper-resistant. It can mount on the wall, and you can even store it on your shelf.


  • Accessible to multiple users
  • Improved Biometric authentication
  • Protective Floor Mat
  • Solid steel construction
  • Open door alarm
  • Quick and easy access


  • It is not resistant to fire.

Viking Security

Viking Security Safe
Our Rating: 4/5


What separates the Viking Security Safe from others is the fact that it is more spacious. It measures up to 20 inches high and 14 inches wide. It is quite secure and offers space that is more centralized to your items.

A carpeted interior makes it soft inside and padded enough to keep the items safe and steady. Three shelves make up the safe. The manufacturers managed to take the form of a small cupboard.

The fact that it has shelves gives you the allowance to separate your items as you group them.

Documents will have their own space to avoid tearing if stored with sharp items. You can access your items since you are aware of what each shelf contains. The LED light makes all the contents visible.

You can use a pin code on the keypad if you do not want to use your fingerprint. You can have up to 32 fingerprints recording. It has an upgraded 500 DPI optical sensor and a motorized 20 mm locking mechanism.


  • Upgraded 500 DPI optical sensor
  • Motorized 20 mm locking mechanism
  • Multiple users allowed
  • It has compartments
  • Spacious
  • Visible


  • The shelves could have been thicker.


Sentry Safe
Our Rating: 4/5


It is ideal for handguns. What guarantees security is that the California Department has approved it of Justice. It comes with a pry-resistant door.

You're assured of a secured weapon. The only limitation is the fact that it can accommodate only one handgun. It comes with a fingerprint scanner that ensures that you have a secure system.

Chances are very low that a random person will open your safe. It's made up of great build, and that is solid steel. Solid steel makes the safe durable enough not to break.

The contents are more than safe because there is a soft lining inside. Even when you are moving, you do not have to be afraid of your gun being prone to damage. The lining makes bumps bearable.

You cannot have a malfunctioning handgun because of light drops. The safe also has a compression system that allows safe openings that are quick and do not make noise. In other terms, it is sound resistant.

It also comes with a manual keypad for backup access. That is so convenient that you cannot get stuck when your fingerprint fails to read.


  • Manual keypad
  • It has a bolt down kit.
  • Compression system
  • Quick and does not make noise when opening.
  • Pry-resistant door
  • Fingerprint reader


  • It does not come with an interior light.

Vaultek RS500i Wi-Fi Rifle

Valtel RS500i Wi-Fi Rifle Safe (Biometric)
Our Rating: 4/5


There is enough room for up to seven rifles or eight handguns, unlike the Vaultek biometric gun safe that only accommodates handguns. What makes it unique is the fact that it supports Wi-Fi. Not only does it support a Wi-Fi connection, but it is powerful.

You're allowed to receive instant alerts for your safety. It supports a smartphone, which is convenient.

You do not have to be on the safe to track, but you can do that virtually. The interior has more space, and it's padded. That gives the safe a sleek interior that is ideal for business use.

It has improved anti-theft protection that includes locking bolts. This makes the safe secure. There are also protection bars, interior hinges, and a detector that prevents break-ins.

With an electronic keypad, there is more sophistication that characterizes the safe. The device gives a good balance between quality and function.


  • Padded interior
  • Versatile
  • Sleek design
  • Quick and Easy access
  • Impressive Wi-Fi feature
  • Supports a smartphone


  • The smart key is difficult to use when the digital keypad is in sleep mode.

How We Decided On Our Winner

My top pick is the Vaultek RS500i Wi-Fi Rifle. What makes it the best safe amongst other safes is that it accommodates both rifles and handguns. It is secure as it has locking bolts, anti-theft protection, and protection savvy bars.

The fact that it accommodates more than five guns makes it spacious enough. It is easy and quick to access your items. The chances of break-ins are very slim.

Innovation and versatility best describe the device. Yet, you might also consider the other safes as they also have unique features.

FAQ and Buying Guide

Size and Type of Safe

In this case, you need to serve your interests first before you look for other specific features. There are firearm safes, but at the same time, the guns differ in size.

There are pistol guns, handguns, and long guns. Your type of gun determines the type of safe you are going to have. You might be up for money, and buying a firearm will not be ideal for you.

At the same, you might need to buy a safe that is bigger for your current items. The chances are that you might use the safe for something else.

Fire Protection

As much as most safes are steel, you need to be sure of the material’s thickness. Steel has a melting point of approximately 1,200F. What makes variance is that steel comes in different forms hence the difference in heat resistance (Source).

You need to be sure if you will have a safe made up of stainless steel or carbon steel. Yet, the fact that steel can withstand fire shouldn't stop you from having fireproof.

It has to withstand fire for at most 120 minutes. This gives you enough time to get rid of fire and recover your precious items.


Locking mechanisms come in different modes. There are biometric, electronic, and dial-mode. We will be focussing on biometric scanner types.

It comes with a lot of advantages. The fact that it has a scanner makes it easier and quicker for you to access your items.

It requires batteries, and you need to be careful when choosing batteries as well. Batteries that last longer and quick to charge are convenient.

Storage options

A Biometric safe box is already stored in itself. Yet, the difference lies in the fact that you still need space to keep them safe. Large safes are spacious, but you need to think about where you will keep them before you have one.

You can keep your safe on a shelf, which is ideal for small safes or can keep it on the walls. A safe that you can keep on the wall will need mounting. You need to check if it is mountable.

What are the advantages and benefits?


You are the only one who has access to who determines accessibility, giving you peace of mind. In case of emergency, you can quickly have access to your valuables. Not only do you keep firearms, but also big companies can keep their documents.


You're guaranteed a high level of security with improved technologies. Only a registered fingerprint has access to your contents. Intruders cannot have access to your safe unless they force you to open it.

Unlike the locking safe, you do not have to memorize a pin code. You eliminate the stress that comes with remembering codes. The placement of your finger gives you access to your items. However, you do have the option of an override key just in case.

New technology comes with more security such as face recognition or eye recognition.

We should be clear and state that fingerprint scanners can be hacked, but only with a great deal of effort and time on the part of the hacker. While this is something to keep in mind, it is not a big issue. There are ways to protect your fingerprint data regardless of whether or not you have access to sophisticated hacking tools.


The information about your safety is personal. The choice to share it is up to you. The technique of individual identification shows how authentic the system is.

You are the one who authorizes accessibility. You control over accessibility. You can even check the history log whenever you have suspicions.


The controversy lies in the fact that your safe can be a limitation when you have a problem. If you keep your medicals in your safe, there can be that one point whereby you can neither walk nor stand.

In this case, you do not have access to your pills since you are the one with a registered fingerprint. Your child, wife, or workmate cannot have access to your medicals.

You may have people breaking in, and one of the family members is closer to the safe, but you didn't register their fingerprint. That is going to be a challenge. Your firearm is not going to protect you.

The fact that there are always the latest features for the Biometric safe can hardly keep up. Improved security features might attract steep prices, and you cannot run away. The only way is to compromise if you cannot keep up with the cost.

When you do not own a house, it might be difficult setting up storage space for the safe.

You might have to compromise since some of the best locations can be out of your property rights. As much as the safe is private, it can be hacked or stolen. There comes the question of a backup system that allows you to have a password that has to be written off.

Yet, this does not mean Biometric technology is not completely safe. You need to be vigilant rather than relaxed when you are using this system.



As much as having firearms, pills, and valuable items are meant to protect. You still need protection for your protective measures. Regardless of how big your items are, you need insurance.

The moment you buy a safe, you have invested. So, you need to tell your insurance of the items you are keeping for yourself.


When it comes to safety, you have a lot to bear in mind. You do not have to leave your items in any place that anyone can see. The chances are high that intruders might try to open and use your items.

Ensure that you do not leave the door open even if you are taking a phone call away from the safe. You have to be close every time you are using the safe. Try not to keep unnecessary tools away from the safe as that could be dangerous to you or harmful to the items.

I do not recommend you to keep both ammunition and guns in the same safe. It is easier for an enemy or family member to have access to both, which is harmful to both of you. A humidifier is recommendable for your items as they can be easily affected by humidity.


Always lock your safe as long as you are not close to it. Keeping your safe in public spaces such as the kitchen can be dangerous. You need to have your safe somewhere private, like the library or in the basement.

Even when you have intruders, they are not quick to pick your storage. Your gun has to be organized. Chances are very high that you will make errors if you have disorganized firearm safes.

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