Patlock Review

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on February 24, 2020
We provide an extensive review of the Patlock Handle Security Bar for French doors, Patio and Conservatory doors. Our editor gave it a good score and comes highly recommended.
The Patlock is the market leader in the patio door security space. It's a handy tool that gives you an added layer of insurance.

Why This Patio Handle Security Beats The Rest

It works!

It does what it's supposed to; is easy to use and beats all the other products that are available in the patio door, locksmith and security section. There's nothing further to say.

Oh, wait a minute. There is one more thing to add: it's police approved. This means that it has the distinction of being the only patio door handle lock of receiving the Secured by Design commendation by the Police Force and Crime Prevention units.
secured by design mark

How Does The PatLock Work?

This product was introduced to combat the tactic known as lock snapping. This means that if the cylinder locks are broken, the product will make sure the handles cannot be adjusted from the outside.

It works by disabling the door handles being pushed down. This ensures the doors remaining in a fixed, static position, i.e., locked. The handles on the outside won't budge, even with applied pressure. This means that the person trying to operate the handles from outside won't even have the option of pushing them down.

No matter what force is used, the handles will not come down.

None of the levels or bolts will move as the handle is locked into place. Even if the cylinder lock has been snapped, the only way to manoeuver the handles will be to open it from the inside.

How do you install the Patlock?

You slip on the products over the current door handles, i.e., it is designed to be retrofitted.

Do I need to hire a tradesperson to install it?

No, not at all. You can do this yourself within 30 seconds. No tools are needed.

Will this work on a single UPVC door?

No. The Patlock only works on double doors as it needs to go on two handles for it to function.

Positive things about this product

  1. Can be retrofitted to current door handles
  2. Easy to fit and starts working straight away
  3. No keys or codes required
  4. Police commended through Secured by Design

... and the Negatives?

  1. Will only work on certain types of handles
  2. Suitable for two handles. Won't work on one handle
  3. It isn't that cheap
patlock mechanism unlocked on bench

History of the Invention

It was introduced in 2016 after being featured in Dragon's Den.

Since then, this product has been in high demand in both the USA, UK, and Germany. It is a patented product designed by the inventor, Craig Knott, after he experienced some property break-ins while he was away on holiday.

We have used this across some of our properties, and we offer an in-depth review so you can work out if this is something that could improve your home security.
looking at the UPVC door handles from outside

Television Advert

The retired boxer Frank Bruno starred in an advert that was released in 2016. It wasn't aired for long and mostly in England.

A Burglar Looks For The Weakest Entry Point

When a burglar is looking to break into a home, they go for the weakest entry points. That is to say: they will look at areas they can get in with minimum disruption.

This tends to be to the rear of the property as this area - in contrast to the front - is poorly lit and has fewer observers or people passing by.

This is why optimising your back door security is paramount to deterring any break-ins.

It has to be said, one of the most effortless entry points to break into the rear of the property is through patio or french doors. The locking mechanisms for these are barrel or cylinder locks, and as the video shows, it can be drilled into or, as it is known in the locksmith industry, 'lock snapping'.

So what is the conclusion?

The best answer, in our opinion, is to add a layer of security to the handles and we have a page where we review the best patio handle security bars. On this page, we reviewed what we believe is the best of the lot.

Remember though, this product is designed to be used as a supplementary security layer for French Doors. It isn't the all-in-one solution instead of existing locks.

You can read more about general door security here.

patlock handles as viewed from the living room

Steel Construction

a patlock visible from the front
Made with a tamper resistant spindles and weighing less than 1kg

Tamper Resistant

two patlock spindles separate from each other
Made from stainless steel

Fire Safe

In case of emergency, the handles can be released instantaneously.
"This isn't perfect but does give me some peace of mind re the security. I live in the US so my french doors, like most in this country, have one working knob. (In the UK, it seems like both doors typically have working knobs and this was designed and made in the UK)."
Zeshan Miah
Amazon Customer
"My mom was super worried about someone trying to break in through her french doors. Installed these, super easy, very easily-seen deterrent, easy to put on and take off from the inside, but hard to take off from the outside. Highly recommend!"
AJ Merryfield
Amazon Customer
"Yes, it does cost a bit more than you'd like, but it really does a good job in securing one of the weakest points in the house. Easy to install, easy to use."
Price-Quality Ratio
Ease of Use