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Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on August 5, 2020

Radon Eye RD200 Review

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dangers of radon from ground cracks

Health and prevention of illness are important for most people today. As more threatening substances and gases are studied people look to prevent illness. One gas is radon gas, radioactive gas that is in many parts of the United States and around the world.

Radon cannot be smelt or seen and it can cause lung cancer. It makes sense so that people are concerned about it, but how do they detect it if it is invisible?

Calling in experts in radon detection seems like an obvious answer. This takes time and can be a costly exercise. Having a device to detect Radon makes more sense.

One such Radon Detector is the Radon Eye RD200


  • Very fast reading
  • Simple to use.
  • Works with iOS and Android using Bluetooth
  • Stores up to 12 months of data for comparison
  • Accurate


  • You need to be within 10 metres of the device to upload and update information
  • It is quite expensive

Introducing the Radon Eye RD200

This is made in South Korea and has become one of the top-selling Radon Detectors on the market today. The top reason for the popularity of this trusted device is that it is a smart solution.

Made in the country best known for electronic companies, the Radon Eye RD200 should come as no surprise. It is a Bluetooth device that is compatible with both iOS and Android.

The device is company and lightweight and will sit on any flat service. The shape makes it unobtrusive almost like some form of smart decor and it is battery powered.

A top consideration for any device today is the ease of use and its detector is easy to use. The straightforward display is easy to read and measures Radon in pCi/L as per the American Standard. Furthermore, the LCD displays other information such as Bluetooth and On and Off.

The device has a related App that makes the information easier to read. Also, the app is intuitive and reports a wide amount of well-compiled data that keeps a user informed. The device monitors the space it is in and stores information every 10 minutes.

It is ideal for home or office use and is a simple and effective way to measure levels of Radon gas without the need for labs and scientists.

Technical Specifications (as per manufacturer)

  • Type : pulsed ion chamber 200cc
  • First reliable data out : < 60min
  • Data interval : 10min update (60min moving average)
  • Sensitivity : 0.5cpm/pCi/l at 10pCi/l (30cph/pCi/l)
  • Operating range : 10~40℃, RH < 90%
  • Range : 0.1 ~ 99.99 pCi/l
  • Precision : < 10% at 10pCi/l
  • Accuracy : < ±10% (min. error <±0.5pCi/l )
  • Power : DC 12 ± 0.1V, 65mA (12V DC adapter)
  • Size : RD200 : Φ80(mm) x 120(mm), 240g
  • Data communication : Bluetooth LE (Android/iOS)
  • Data log : max 1year (1h step)
  • Display: 0.96 inch OLED


When looking for a Radon Detector there are important considerations to bear in mind. One needs to consider the accuracy of Radon detection. You can find out by reading various reviews and of course by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

The second consideration is the ease of use and ease of reading the information gathered. With this, the reports are very clear and sent to your mobile phone.

The speed of the results is also important. We live in a switched-on world that demands fast, accurate information. The claims made that this is fast when in use has proven to be true.

The reliability of the detector and any warranties play a major role in choosing a detector, as does the cost. This brand is an affordable device with good warranties and guarantees.

Using the device

This device requires all doors and windows in the room to close to ensure accurate results. The device is easy to use and should be on a flat surface in the room and left alone. The device works automatically and little or no set up required.

One major advantage is the speed in which it gathers information. Most other detectors need between 24 and 72 hours to provide the most basic of information. This one requires 90 minutes to provide an accurate report.

Another benefit is that it has a safety alarm that sounds when 4 pCi/L or higher levels of Radon are detected. You can also track current results from the device via the App.

Within the App, you can run a handful of helpful results using information up to 12 months old. You can change between accepted units of measure from around the world enabling users to better understand. The reports and graphs are all easy to read and understand.

What others say

There are a lot of reviews for this on Amazon. Most of the reviews are positive, and the average star rating is between 4 and 5 stars.

Final Word

In reviewing the Radon Eye RD200, it is my opinion that every home should invest one. An active tester, will pay for itself as the cost of a professional test that will provide you with the same information. It is more expensive than this device that will keep you informed.