How to secure a dog door from intruders?

A dog door is a ubiquitous feature in several households that have pets. It allows for your dog to have access to the outside without you having to open and close the entrance for them. As we know, dogs are very explorative creatures and need somewhat freedom in their lives. They can become very annoying if you do not open the door for them, and this has led to several people having pet doors. 

This is a square-shaped compartment at the bottom of the main entrance, which flips open to allow the dog to enter and exit as they please. The problem is that many people fear that this door can be used to enable a potential intruder or burglars to break into their homes. 

You may not be sleeping well at night every time you hear the flap wondering if a stray animal has entered the house or your dog is going out. The size of an electronic door build for a dog can vary depending on the size of your pet. So, it is quite possible for some homeowners that burglars can use this to enter their houses.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best ways you can secure pet door options to protect your family and give your pet the freedom they need.

Use Technology

we can begin to use the new technology that has been developed to keep our dogs safe .e.g an ultrasonic collar. Many homeowners have purchased a new type of leash or neck collar for their dog that works with a microchip inserted into it. This microchip is connected to the homeowner’s device and works sort of like a tracking mechanism. 

Having this application installed on your phone and the machine kept around your dog’s neck will allow you to know where exactly your dog is at what time. If you hear the flap going off, but you know that your dog is not moving, then you have reason to be concerned about intruders. This is also a great way to prevent your dog from missing if they stray too far on their travels. 

Another option that we can use that involves technology is to connect this microchip to the door flap. You can buy an entire set that comes with the door flap sensor and microchip. In this way, anything that comes through the door built for the dog will set off an alarm if it does not recognize the microchip. This means that only your dog can come in and out of the flap without the alarm going off. This works to protect you against any stray animals entering your home, hazardous ones like snakes. 

The third option that one can consider is an automatic pet door. This is a doggy door that works through the programming inbuilt by the user and allows you to monitor your pet’s movement as you need to quickly. It allows you to set up a predetermined moment in time whereby your dog can enter and exit the house. Usually, an excellent time to set this is from 8:00 AM to 4.00 PM. you are unlikely to experience any burglaries at this time of the day, and then at night, you know that your pet is safe at home and can no longer leave the house to go play. 

Install a Lock

The manual approach you can undertake is installing a lock on the door built for the dog. This would mean that instead of having a flap, you have a physical door that you can lock through some security feature. This would mean that during the day, you could consider opening this for your dog to have freedom and then sealing it at night once they are inside. This way, your house would be protected against burglars when the door is locked. However, not so much during the day. 

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are an excellent way to protect your family from robbers because you will always be alert if something has come in. You can buy miniature mini sensors that go on the door's flaps and sound an alarm every time something comes in or out. 

This means that when your dog goes out, it will make a beep, and when it comes in, it will also make a beep. This way, at 2:00 AM, you can maybe know that something is wrong if you hear this beep. This method can become annoying, especially if you have multiple pets that consistently go in and out of the house. 

Seal the door completely

If now a lot of these options on the list are pretty expensive for you to consider and the crime rate in your neighborhood has given you a lot of sleepless nights, then you might just consider sealing the door entirely. This would work to prevent any robbers from entering and leave you at the mercy of the currently existing security systems in your house. This method would mean that you would now have to open the door for your dog every time they want to go out, and this can become quite annoying. It is quite a difficult decision to make, but it might be worth considering for the protection. 


In conclusion, there are many reasons why people install quality branded automatic doors such as a Power Pet Door or Tech Pet. It offers their dog a bit of convenience and a homely feeling knowing they can come and go as they like. It also saves you the trouble of opening and closing the door for them every time they want to go somewhere.

Securing this electronic doggie door can be an important thing to consider, especially if you have a big dog meaning a big doggy door. The most advisable way to achieve this is through technology because it will continuously update you about your dog’s movements.

If your dog goes missing, you will also be able to track them down through the microchip that you placed around their collar. If something else other than your dog comes through the flap, then the system will sound an alarm through your mobile phone. 

Something different we talk about is installing a barking dog alarm to deter would be burglars as they approach your house. Obviously, you only really need this if you don't have a dog, but we thought we'd clarify the difference here.