Best Barking Dog Alarms to Deter Intruders

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on March 9, 2020

You don't need to own a dog to benefit from the security benefits. A simple barking dog deterrent isn't going to be the answer to all your security concerns, but it adds another layer to your home safety arsenal.

Dogs are brilliant, aren't they? Such lovely companions and they add to the security layers for your home. But what if you're unable to own one? How can you still reap some of the benefits?

It's simple - get an alarm with a barking dog sound. They're not as gimmicky as you might initially think.

Think about it: You'll get peace of mind and make burglars think twice before disturbing your home. Check out our buyer's guide and reviews of five top-rated barking alarms.

But before we present the preferred five, let's give you our winner, the budget choice and one that you should probably avoid!

Before we get into the meat and bones of the topic, we want to be crystal clear and state that we don't think this product is your be-all and end-all item. It isn't the one thing that will sign off the ultimate security of your home and your garden area, but it will certainly add another layer to it.

With that said, let's give you our reviews on these and which ones might be the most suitable, depending on the type and layout of your home.

“We once had our back door broken into. Adding another layer of defence helps me to sleep at night.”

Our Top Barking Dog Alarms

1. Ultra Secure Direct

Four of my friends have now brought this item, pity I'm not on commission...

Our Rating: 4.3/5

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This Barking Dog Alarm works best when placed as close as possible to the areas you need to monitor the most i.e. doors and windows.

It's easy enough to use as you can arm it either by pressing the button on the alarm itself or using the remote that comes with it.

Designed to be versatile, you can have other sounds for security emit from it like a siren or a doorbell. As it stands as a dog barking alarm system, the sound seems to start out as a growl before transitioning into an angry bark.

It appears realistic enough, but it may get a touch repetitive after a short while.

The detection range is adequate though. It reacts to motion within 10m. If it doesn't register for whatever reason, you can always press the SOS button on the remote and trigger it yourself if you feel you need to.

Lastly, there is great volume control with this unit. You can adjust it to eight different levels, personalizing it according to your needs.


  • Additional SOS security button
  • Good amount of range
  • Quality volume control


  • Barking can sound repetitive


2. Clifford James Electronic Guard Dog


from about two metres away you can hear a very realistic Alsatian bark...

Our Rating: 4/5

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The Clifford James brand may be a good choice when it comes to simplicity and ease of use. It activates via a simple button press.

Considering it operates on either batteries or a plug-in adapter, you can place it just about anywhere. The unit is small too and easy to move around. However, keep in mind that the batteries may drain rather quickly if you decide to use it unplugged.

For the sake of detection, this uses radar technology to capture motion through walls and closed doors. It boasts a 360-degree detection range, which might allow you to use this in the likes of a shed or caravan as well as you can use it inside your house in an attempt to deter home invaders.

This alarm manages to create a sound that has good realism. The barking is intense and loud, but there doesn't seem to be any external volume control to adjust.

In an effort to provide versatility if you wish to have it, you can opt to use this under either a chime or an alarm sound instead of the barking.


  • Good realistic barking
  • Easy to use
  • 360-degree detection


  • Batteries drain fast
  • No volume control


3. KH-Security 100146

KH-Security Electronic Safe Guard Dog

like that it can be plugged into the mains and won't cost a fortune in batteries...

Our Rating: 3.9/5

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The KH-Security Electronic device is as straightforward as they come. It contains a power cable to plug in, but it also operates on batteries.

You'll also receive mounting hardware so you can readily place it against the door or wall out of sight of potential intruders.

As for the detection, it may trigger the barking alert with motion it senses up to 3.5m. Although it states that it should work through doors and walls made from various materials, trial and error results may show that it only works best when place very close to a door.

You can change the alarm type if you wish and it has good volume control. If you turn the volume to the max setting as well as the detection range to as high as it can go, you may experience realistically powerful barking toward anyone walking up to your home.

This alarm also includes a remote control so you can manage everything from a distance. You may also hit a panic button on the remote if you must.

There's a keychain hook built into it as well so you can attach it to yourself, keeping it close by at all times.


  • Remote control feature
  • Adjustable volume
  • Easy to mount


  • Might only work best by doors


4. ISOTRONIC Electronic Protection

ISOTRONIC Electronic Guard Dog

Does exactly what is required well made and solid very pleased with this....

Our Rating: 3.6/5

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This Electronic Guard Dog device utilizes a detection system aimed to pick up on vibrations and sounds. Meaning, the built-in trigger latches onto the vibration from someone knocking as well as ringing and shouting.

However, the sensitivity seems a touch low. In this case, you may have to place it rather close to the area you need to be protected such as around where your doorbell is.

When it does work, it offers a unique randomized system. The duration of the barking is completely decided by change, which may help provide a more realistic alarm system. Also, you even have the ability to choose between two types of barks, but the volume could benefit from being louder.

Concerning its size, it's compact and battery-powered. This way, you may take it with you wherever you're staying at. For example, if you're going away on a caravan trip or on a boat.

It charges up via USB plug-in, so you can save on batteries.


  • Randomized barking
  • Small for good portability


  • Low sensitivity level
  • Bark could be louder


5. Calmsound Barking & Growling CD

Barking and Growling CD Sounds

This is realistic if you play it through a big system like I have....

Our Rating: 3.6/5

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OK, this one is a bit different to the rest.

This Barking and Growling Sounds CD collection offers a different approach to protecting your home with fake dog barks. Instead of motion detection, this is completely manual and plays as long as you want it to work on any device that can play a CD.

You may have more freedom in this case of where the barking is heard since you can setup various speakers if using a Bluetooth function.

There are several randomized barking and growling sounds, and the CD lasts a good deal of time before you have to start it over.

If there's any issue, it's that the transitions between the barking aren't always seamless. Meaning, it might overlap and start sounding a touch fake.


  • Can use anywhere
  • Random barking and growling sounds
  • Long recording


  • Barking transitions aren't that seamless

How We Picked Our Winner

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to have a real dog to use as an intruder deterrent, but that's where alarms with a barking dog sound come in.

From our list, we feel that the BOP Barking Dog Alarm is the best fit.

There's a tremendous amount of volume control, and the sounds have adequate realism. It features a strong 10m motion detection range, and you even get a remote for extra security and managing of the system from a distance.


Dog Barking Alarms – What You Should Know

Alarms that feature fake dog barking are designed in a number of different ways, functioning differently, but they all have a single purpose: deter intruders.

Deciding on one might prove a trying task since there are a good number of them available.

So, even though we gave you a look at the products we feel are best, we now break down some key considerations you should focus on that may help you decide.


Primarily, these dog barking alarms are designed with motion detection sensors. This way, after you set it up, the barking will only go off if someone trips the sensor.

Of course, there are other types that may work just as well depending on your needs.

You can find an alarm that focuses not just on motion, but other sounds. For instance, some alarms are triggered by the sound of a doorbell ringing or even the vibration felt from knocking.

Other dog barking alarms may simply be a CD that plays the sound when you want it to play.

No matter which type you purchase, all of them aim to provide realistic dog sounds.


Even if these alarms are made somewhat different from one another, you should still concern yourself with certain features that separate high-quality ones from alarms that may not do as well in fooling would-be intruders.


If you want to use dog barking to scare off burglars, it helps if they can actually hear it. The range of the device you choose should be wide enough that it'll reach around the outside of your home. This way, the intruders can hear the sound prior to ever breaking in, which might help discourage them.


Just like with the range, the volume should be loud enough to alert individuals outside. Otherwise, burglars won't be put off until they actually break into your home and hear the alarm.

At the same time, try not to have an alarm system that's too loud. Otherwise, you can easily disturb your neighbours. This is why many quality fake dog barking alarms come with volume control so that you can adjust accordingly.

Sensitivity Level

If you're using a motion detector dog alarm, then you want the sensitivity as high as possible. If the sensitivity level is weak, then an intruder can easily, albeit unknowingly, walk right past the alarm without ever triggering it.

So, alarm sensitivity should work through walls, windows, and doors. Some might state that they don't function well through certain walls like brick, so be sure to check with each specific dog barking alarm to determine if it'll actually work well inside of your home.

Be aware though that if you do find an alarm with a strong sensitive rating, then normal movement may cause it to go off too. Meaning, you or anyone else in the house may get into its range and wake it up.

That's why these alarms may work best if you know the house will be empty or at night when everyone is in bed.

You might also be interested to read our tips on how to secure a dog door from intruders. Obviously, you'd need to own a real dog for this to make any sense!

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