Best Fire Blankets for Residential Kitchens

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on September 29, 2020

5 Best Fire Blankets for Residential Kitchens

They cost so little, can end a fire starting at source, and save lives. We review the five top rated, authentic and legally approved fire blankets.

Overall Winner

A2Z Fire Blanket
A2Z Fire Blanket



Premium Pick

Fire Protection Shop
Fire Protection Shop



Budget Value

ASAB Wall Mounted
ASAB Wall Mounted



How we decided on the best fire blankets?

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a fire blanket and extinguisher placed on wall next to each other
Most kitchens could do with a blanket, but an extinguisher isn't necessary

Fire blankets the kind of item that you never knew you needed, until you do need one. They are so effective at stopping small fires at source before they escalate.

We have encouraged the UK Government to supply free fire blankets to homeowners, but this is yet to come into fruition.

They are useful in kitchens to stop a small fire at the beginning stage. It’s such a simple proposal to keep one in every kitchen across the country. Homeowners and tenants can tackle any mishaps from grease, oils, or even unattended stoves before things escalate. It never hurts to be well prepared.

I'm sold! Should I buy any fire blanket from eBay or Amazon?

Let's get to the nuts and bolts of this page: comparing and reviewing the best rated fire blankets. Kitchens are the most prone to fires in the house. That’s why, if you’re concerned about the well-being of your family, getting a fire blanket is good step. We review the most trusted ones that will add an extra layer of fire safety to every household.

Do remember that there are quite a lot of fake fire blankets on places like eBay and even Amazon. We review only legitimate ones that have been certified by  for legal use:

  • If buying in the UK, please look for the BSi Kitemark and check that it's BAFE approved.
  • In the USA, please look for ASTM mark and specifically that it meets ASTM F 1989-05.
  • In the European Union, please look for UNE EN 1869.
  • In Australia, it needs be marked with AS/NZS 3504:2006.

A2Z Soft Case

Our Rating:


Made from top-notch woven Fiberglass material, it's perfect for home and commercial use. The design is convenient for use in an emergency, and its effectiveness can vouch for by the users. First things first, this blanket abides by the BS EN 1869:1997, thus approving it.

It’s tested and approved by BSI, plus, having a TUV certification to EN 1869, which allows it to enter European homes. Why should you settle for fire blankets that don’t meet these standards and overpriced at the same time? We know we wouldn’t.

The blanket’s dimensions are – 1 meter by 1 meter, and it weighs about 700 grams. To reduce your worries even further, this fire blanket will come with a five-year warranty.

So rest assured, you will never have to settle for an unsatisfactory product. We would also like to mention the compactness and how it can sit in the corner of the house without taking up space.


  • Fireproof, durable handles.
  • Quick-release.
  • Lightweight and foldable.
  • Easy installation with clear instructions.
  • Maintenance is super easy.


  • The edges aren’t sewed the best.

Fire Protection Shop Soft Case

Our Rating:


When talking about fire safety, this stands out with its practicality, ease-of-use. It conforms to the British standards and Kitemarked. Always be sure to look for the “Kitemark” when looking into a good fire blanket.

The dimensions are standard; 1 meter by 1 meter, but the weight is 581 grams! It’s made of high- quality Fiberglass material, making it the ideal tool to cool down hot objects. It doesn’t take up much space at all and will sit in any corner of the kitchen, on the shelves, or under the sink too.

The soft plastic casing protects the inside fire blanket until it’s pulled out for usage. The price is fair for this well-constructed, functional safety tool. Great utility altogether and a good contender on the list of top fire blankets.


  • They are tightly packed to place in any nook or cranny of the house.
  • Nicely flexible.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • Mountable on cupboard or wall.
  • Easily deployable.


  • The casing appears somewhat cheap.

ASAB Wall Mounted

ASAB Wall Mounted
Our Rating:


It's 100% fibreglass as well as a special coating while maintaining safety standards. Which is the sign of any good blanket that’s capable of smothering fires. For your safety, the tool's Kitemarked.

It’s ideal for households and workplaces, and you could even carry one in your car for added security. The soft case's made in a way that eases the process of mounting and placement of the blanket. Coming in a standard size, this blanket weighs around 500 gm, which is light for a heavy-duty tool.

The features combine to make this a useful tool to extinguish fires by cutting off oxygen. In case of an emergency, the deployment is swift enough to tend to it.

Having a one nearby gives a sense of peace, that you can work without having to worry about causing an explosion. This one’s mentionable for the great value of money.


  • A special coating to add to the fire-retardant properties.
  • Quick-release.
  • It can be mounted on walls or cupboards.
  • Clear, full instructions on the package.
  • Sufficiently durable.


  • One-time use.

FireShield 1.2m x 1.2m Hard Case

FireShield Hard Case
Our Rating:


This features a 200 gm woven cloth of Fiberglass material, which makes for durability. This is one of the largest fire blanket models – so it guarantees to cover larger areas. But if you think that may have hiked up the price of this blanket, we have some good news!  For the incredible value and uses, this model will come with a very affordable price tag. Fire safety doesn’t have to be super expensive – it needs to be functional, like this fire blanket. If we come back to fire safety, this kit's certified, making it ideal for use on open fire sources.  This one can act as a great second line of defence in your fire safety procedures. A rather efficient tool when counting down top fire blankets for residential kitchens.


  • Large size to take out bigger flames.
  • Size doesn’t hinder the flexibility.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Very affordable if we consider the features.
  • 5-year warranty.


  • The edges on the case are rather sharp.
  • On the heavier side with 921 grams.

FSS 1m x 1m Hard Case

FSS Hard Case
Our Rating:


Everything we could want in a practical, good fire blanket, the FSS Fire Blanket offers. The materials used paired up with the packing helps take out fires in a jiffy. This model, like the rest on the list, is 100% fibreglass materials, which makes it fireproof.

It’s also Kitemarked, so you are well-set when it comes to controlling fires that can wreak havoc in the kitchen. To add to that, the kit is BS, CE, and EN3 certified. The hard case makes maintenance simple.

When you first receive your fire blanket, you can see it comes with clear instructions. If you’re someone who still isn’t sure how a fire blanket works, these instructions will be very helpful. The dimensions of this blanket are 1 meter by 1 meter – the standard size.

But, in comparison to the other products on the list of the same size, this one is heavier, standing at 798 grams. Still, it’s still a good choice if you’re looking for a handy tool to take out panic-inducing fires in the kitchen.


  • Conforms with the British standards.
  • Easy to deploy.
  • Decent construction.
  • Compact packaging for keeping around the house.


  • Somewhat heavy.
  • More on the expensive side.

How We Decided On Our Winner

After a lot of tests, we have declared the A2Z as the best fire blanket for residential kitchens. With its materials and with easy maintenance and great fire protection, it's the top pick. It also provides awesome value for money.

It’s safe to say this blanket will be your trusty fire retardant buddy in the kitchen for a while. The other options on the list are great, but when we compared, the A2Z Fire Blanket snatched first place. This will be a good addition to your kitchen’s safety level.

man looking at toast that's on fire
Don't be this guy. Have a fire blanket ready just in case.

FAQ and Buying Guide

Owning a Fire Blanket

You’re wondering why you should get a fire blanket when the same job can be by a fire extinguisher. Or, what to look for when getting a fire blanket? Or even, how do you maintain a fire blanket; is it somewhat complicated?

To answer all those, you can read more at the NFPA, but here we present a summarised section that will give you a useful insight into these and what you’ll need to make a decision.

Factors to Consider While Buying

There are some things you can consider while buying a fire blanket, so it meets your demands.

Material: A typical one's made of Fiberglass with a fire-retardant sheet in the middle. These can douse small fires without making a mess. These are also non-toxic.

A few models also include a special chemical that reinforces the fire resistance as a whole. Look for the ones that have Fiberglass materials for the best usability.

Size: Pick out a medium-sized blanket that can cover your body length. If it’s too large or too small, it may be inconvenient to hold it and try to smother the fire. Depending on the area you will use it for, pick the best size.

For example, to cover a small stovetop, a small blanket of 1 meter by 1 meter might do the job. It’s also the standard size for kitchen blankets.

Price: High price doesn’t always equate to quality. You can get a fire blanket well within your budget that has all the required features. Look into all your options before making the buy.

Great Things About Having a Fire Blanket

It’s Super Beginner Friendly: Using a fire blanket doesn’t need any sort of traditional trainer. It’s safe to say it can be used by anyone who can manoeuvre it enough to completely engulf the flame.

Affordable & Reliable: in any hardware store, fire blankets come cheap but amazing value.

Compactness: You might think that a blanket heavy enough to douse a fire will take up all your closet space, but no. Most of these fire blankets can store due to how compact they are and their foldability.

Reusable: After you’ve handled a fire, fire blankets can wash and keep for another use. Although reusable, try avoiding prolonged use as it can reduce the effectiveness.

Fire Blanket vs Fire Extinguisher in a Household

When reacting to a smaller fire, fire blankets are much more effective. You can act by placing the blanket on top of the fire without having to empty out an entire can of the extinguisher.

Think about it. Wouldn’t you much prefer putting out a small oven fire with a fire blanket than some fire extinguisher? Here’s an article to shed some more light on the topic.

Dousing Kitchen Fires

When fighting kitchen fires, turning off the source can be the first option, but if it’s unsafe, then this isn’t a step. Release the blanket by pulling the tapes, hold it in a shielding position, wrap your hands to protect them.

Place the blanket over the flame, making sure to secure the tags on the corners of the blanket. Not sit back and wait for the fire to die down and the utensils to get cooled.

Know This Before Getting a Fire Blanket

The basics of manoeuvring a fire blanket should know every family member. They should know to never fan the flame, and also how to place the blanket without panicking. While it will help to contain a small spark in the kitchen, or evacuate, don’t expect it to douse any kind of fire.

As well as that fire blankets do need you to get close to the fire, so if the fire is widespread, it may be difficult to use this. At times like that, it’s best to call for professional help as soon as possible.

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