5 Best Fire Extinguisher Mount for Cars

It’s not a bad idea to keep an emergency backup in the car, if you have the space. We’ve collated a list of the top rated fire extinguishers for cars.

First Alert
First Alert
Quick Release Adjustable
Quick Release Adjustable

How we decided on the best extinguisher mount for vehicles?

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Most countries need that motorists travel with a fire extinguisher in their vehicle. This is a need because, in an emergency, it could be the difference between life or death. Yet, buying the fire extinguisher and keeping it under the seat can be annoying and dangerous.

As you drive around if it is not secured, there is a chance it may burst. This means that you will have to get into the market for a fire extinguisher Mount. This product will come in handy for many reasons, which we will discuss in this article.

In this article, we will also look at five of the best fire extinguisher car mounts that you can find online today. In the end, I will recommend to you my personal favourite as a way of extinguishing the article.

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First Alert

First Alert Bracket 2
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The first alert has designed a reliable, and compact fire extinguisher Mount. The product has excellent versatility and can be on the wall, on a boat and in your car.

This makes it useful should you not operate a vehicle for a long time. It’s made with a durable black powder-coated finish that will not succumb to corrosion.

This is an excellent feature for people who live in damp and moist areas. Extinguishers are often in the boot where the temperature management does not protect them. Rust can become common.

The main operating hook on the mount’s made from steel and is easy to understand. To conclude, the product’s priced and can support up to 2LB fire extinguishers. With the purchase of this product, you will also receive a one-year limited warranty.



Quick Release Adjustable

Quick Release Adjustable Fire Extinguisher Holder Mount Bracket for Jeep Wrangler
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This is one of the more innovative mounts on the list. This product comes made from premium and sturdy aluminium. They have made it more durable than your regular Mount because it’s designed for Jeep 4 x 4 cars.

Cars that are likely to experience more intense terrain should consider this product. The product’s made with a quick-release feature which is sure to come in handy in an emergency.

To activate the fire extinguisher release, you will have to pull a distinct red button and grab it. It is a much faster way of doing things. This fire extinguisher Mount is also intuitive in its installation.

The manufacturers have not tried to make it over-complicated to install. There will not even be any drilling involved. One of the main challenges of this product is that it is for specific cars rather than opting for general use.



4 Pack

4 Pack of Fire Extinguisher Mount
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Not the fanciest that you can buy but one that embodies the saying “quantity over quality”. If you have a large vehicle that will carry many passengers, then this is a great option to consider for you.

You will likely need more fire extinguishers; hence, buying four mounts for what you would pay on one is a good deal. This Mount can hold up to 40 lbs worth of fire extinguisher. This is quite an impressive statistic.

It’s made from a strong iron material; yet, it is not rust proof. The installation of this product is not very difficult, although you will need a drill. All the nails required are included when you buy the package.

In conclusion, it is not the most durable or innovative product, although it offers good value.



Brend PIL Universal

Brend PIL Universal Fire Extinguisher Wall Hook
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This product is in the upper range of pricing as well as quality. It’s designed as a universal fire extinguisher wall hook to handle the weight within 15 to 20lbs. This product comes with four fire extinguisher mounts in the box.

This makes it useful if you have a bus or a vehicle that requires many fire extinguishers nearby. It is hefty and made from stainless steel. The installation will need drilling, although all the nails are provided.

This is not one of the most beautiful products you can get on the market by looks or innovation. Instead, it’s designed to do a job, and that is all.



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How We Decided On Our Winner

Extinguisher mounts many safety advantages. I will start this off by talking about one of the least appreciated benefits. In the scenario that there is a fire in the car, your mind might not be available to serve you at its best.

The fire happens, you begin to panic, now you cannot remember where you put the fire extinguisher. The delay caused by searching could be the difference between life or death.

A fire extinguisher Mount will allow you always to have an idea of where it is. This means you can access it in an emergency.

Another tremendous advantage is that you do not risk it bursting or breaking. If you put the fire extinguisher in the boot without a Mount as you drive around over time, it can get knocked around.

These little knocks might cause the fire extinguisher to jam when you least expect it. This is dangerous as you will be unaware that the car fire extinguisher is not working until you need it.

The last advantage that I want to discuss here is that peace of mind is essential. These requirements may seem like a large amount of effort, but it is always better to have it than not to have it. If you get the chance to improve yourself and your passengers’ safety, then it is one you should grab with both arms.

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FAQ and Buying Guide

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A fire extinguisher can and will most likely save your life at one point or another. You must ensure that you get this product serviced as well as perform your own operations tests. The worst thing you can do is to discover that the product is not working in an emergency.

Things to look for/attributes that differentiate these products.

The thing that consumers are looking at to differentiate these products is these:

How much weight can they hold?

This one for obvious reasons we can understand why people are quite concerned. You would not want to buy a Mount that cannot hold the required fire extinguisher for your vehicle size.

You must look out for how durable this product is. You do not want to buy this, and then the fire extinguisher ends up breaking the Mount.

This would have been a waste of time. So, you must check with the manufacturer what is the weight capacity of the product, i.e., how big a fire extinguisher can it hold. When you have figured this out then be even more cautious and leave extra space.

An example of this would be if the fire extinguishers can hold 30 lbs. then only use a 20 lbs fire extinguisher.

What does the installation time look like?

This whole process is already a hassle. Consumers today are not looking to be DIY experts.

Many want to get this over and done with to continue with their day-to-day lives. Various manufacturers have taken this into concern and have made most of their mounts easily to install.

For many products on the list today you will be able to get these installed without any drilling. This is a major advantage because It preserves the structural shape of your car. If you make a mistake whilst drilling and would like to move the fire extinguisher somewhere else, you can do so without leaving drill holes.

How durable is the Mount?

The boot of a car can often be a cold and damp place. If you buy a vehicle Mount that does not have corrosion-resistant material, then you may find this product beginning to rust after some time. This is dangerous and may cause the Mount to break.

If this was to happen and the fire extinguisher hits the floor, then there is a chance it could burst. Aside from all this, it is not a good idea to buy low quality mounts. When dealing with any safety feature, it is always best to go with the safest option available.