Best Fire Extinguishers for Cars

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on November 4, 2020

Cars are not the only place where you should carry one. Care fire extinguishers should also be kept in your caravan, RV, camper, van, truck and so on.

It's likely that you keep a set of tools in addition to the spare wheel in your boot (or trunk). Not everyone thinks of having a portable fire extinguisher, but it is a good backup in case of an small accident.

Useful products such as this can save you from dangerous situations getting out of control.

On this page, we assist you in choosing the best options, especially if you have a smaller car. We've tested a lot and present this guide below.

1. First Alert AUTO5

First Alert AUTO5
Our Rating: 4/5


The simple design has made for convenient usage of this fire extinguisher. Almost anyone can trigger it by pulling the pin. The First Alert provides most features you could look for in a decent extinguisher.

This is a friendly tool, and the lightweight feeling reinstates that claim. It’ll come with a mount that you can use to stick it inside your car, but it might need some extensive drilling. The product is sure to fit in any vehicle with its 14.1 inches by 4.5 inches as diameters.

This one contains BC dry chemicals, which is why it can’t douse A-rated fires. BC rated chemicals don’t create an mess. They’re also less corrosive when we count the damages it causes to the engine.

This rechargeable extinguisher comes with an impressive 10-year warranty. Considering all that’s offered, this extinguisher is affordable.


  • Quite affordable.
  • Compact & can be mounted.
  • Easy-to-use pin mechanism.
  • A clear view of the pressure gauge.
  • The extended warranty.


  • Although you can mount it, it might require some drilling to find a decent spot to do so.
  • Only BC rated chemical composition.

2. Kidde AUTO FX5 II

Our Rating: 4/5


The Kidde AUTO FX5 II is a compact extinguisher that’s very easy to use and provides great exhaustion power. Although not the smallest in size, this one can be fit into the trunk for any sort of fire emergencies. The product dimensions stand at 11.25 x 4.25 x 3.4 inches with a weight of around 3 lb.

The simple easy-pull safety pin will equip you to handle any fire in your car. It’s composed of sodium bicarbonate and dry chemical suppression. The pressure gauge is clear and visible, so you’re updated about the pressure condition.

Another feature would be the impact and corrosion resistant trigger and valve. We have felt that these are rather sturdy – not too long, but short and wide enough to hold a significant amount. It’s great for taking out fires in small spaces, so it’s an amazing choice for your vehicle.


  • Durable.
  • Super easy to install.
  • Light and portable.
  • User-friendly.
  • 6-year warranty.


  • Bulkier in size.

3. Elide Fire Ball Self Activation

Elide Fire Ball Self Activation
Our Rating: 4/5


The unique design of the Elide Fire Ball is definitely one to pique your interest. It has an interesting self-activation mechanism created to diminish fires. The activation time is about 3 to 10 seconds – the device will react within this much time after hit with flame.

The round shell is 6 inches in size and made of a solid plastic foam designed to withstand abrasion. It’s quite lightweight, weighing at a total of 3.3 lb approximately and the extinguishing powder is around 2.9 lb. The chemical composition is non-toxic, and at the same time, it will work on a wide range of outbreaks.

If activated, this device will emit a loud sound very like a fire alarm. It’s also tested to find that this tiny extinguisher can resist heat up to 200 degrees. If the description is still confusing and you’re not sure how it works, here’s a video.


  • Can be set up in buildings, cars, and other vehicles.
  • Take up almost no space.
  • Automatic setoff at the touch of fire.
  • Tackles A, B, C, E fire classes.
  • Nice range – 50 square foot.


  • Cleaning up afterwards is difficult.
  • The powder can irritate the skin.

4. First Alert Rechargeable REC5

First Alert Rechargeable REC5
Our Rating: 4/5


If you’re scanning the market to find a simple, extinguisher that'll provide safety, this might be the one. Complete, solid protection from heated mishaps. The sturdy metal head ensures that it will sit in the trunk of your vehicle or remain mounted for a while.

The extinguishing agent sodium bicarbonate can handle both electrical and flammable-liquid fires. You’ll also get a strap and bracket so you can secure it on your car. If you’re one who likes lots of fun road trips, the REC5 will be your new travel safety buddy.

The metal pull pin on the head also has a safety seal to reduce the chance of accidental discharge. The instructions on the waterproof label are on the canister, and they’re easy to read and follow. The metal-gauge is color-coded for improved visibility.

On top of all that, the gauge is also corrosion-resistant. This entry makes it on this list by delivering on the promises made.


  • Safety seal on the pin.
  • Extra strong build.
  • Very well constructed.
  • Great for travels.
  • 10-year warranty.


  • Little too heavy.
  • Can’t refill.

5. H3R Performance HG100C

H3R Performance HG100C HalGuard Chrome
Our Rating: 4/5


This is like any other regular sized one you see mounted on walls, but this model shows off a classy finish. If you’re worried about damaging the aesthetics this one will be right up your alley. Not only does this sport a lovely design , but it’s also one of the most reliable portable versions  that money can get you.

HalGuard’s cleaning properties paired up with a thermal shock-free feature. This won’t cause any damage to your car or surfaces it’s mounted on. The nozzle works on areas that are harder to reach, and it won’t hinder the user’s vision.

It’s EPA approved, and Underwriters Laboratories has rated it 1B:C. This guarantees safety.

With the product, you will also receive a steel strap and mounting bracket. The top-notch steel cylinders and metal valve construction add to functionality.


  • Completely rechargeable.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Five-year limited warranty.
  • Discharge range of 6 to 8 feet.
  • Won’t give a thermal shock to car electronics.


  • On the expensive side.

How We Decided On Our Winner

After some comparisons, the Elide Fire Ball takes the top position on our countdown. With all the great features and everything you’d want, you can get this for a steal. The only issue would be the cleaning up, but you could rule it out by wearing some gloves and goggles.

For a fire extinguisher to work, you’d need to be somewhat close to the fire, even if the discharge range is good. But with this one, you won’t even need to be in the vicinity of flame, and it’ll go out in a few seconds. If your car started to catch on fire when you weren’t near, this would activate and spare you returning to a cars ashes.

FAQ and Buying Guide

What to Know Before Making the Purchase

Buying one of these for your car is like buying a fire extinguisher for your house, or office; you need to keep a few things in mind. Let’s have a look at everything you should know before buying a fire extinguisher, as well as having one.

Selection Criteria

Before picking a vehicle extinguisher, it’s better if you make a mental note of what you’re looking for. Speaking of what you’re looking for, here are all the features one should look for while making the buy.

Size: Depending on where you want to mount the extinguisher, the answers different. Select something that can fit in the car – may be in the trunk or under a seat. If you don’t rule out screwing it onto the chassis of your car, then you can mount it anywhere with the guidelines.

Weight: The standard weight of any fire extinguisher for the car can range from 2.5 lb to 3.5 lb. Anything more of 5 lb poses another threat of storage and handling. Don’t get greedy about the amount inside and opt for the one you can store in the car, and pull out and use in the time of need.

Types of Exhausting Agents Used

The top agents for the best are the ones that can deplete B-rated fires. There are many other agents that can take out various kinds of fires, not a particular rating. The most used agents would be sodium, ammoniumphosphates, and halotron 1.

If you’re looking for something that does the job without leaving a mess, halotron 1 doesn’t leave any residue. But if you want something that can protect you from a large range, ammonium phosphate will fit the bill.

Advantages of Having a Fire Extinguisher for Your Car
Not to create a new fear, but cars catch on fire quicker than you think. Have you ever noticed someone standing on the side of the road as they watch their car smoke and burst into flames?

If yes, then the importance of having a fire extinguisher in the car's understood. Cars contain a lot of flammable materials, making them prone to explosions. Keep yourself prepared for any mishap like that, and also help out others who are going through the same.

Using an Automotive Fire Extinguisher
Using this isn’t any different from using a regular average-size fire extinguisher. If you’re someone who hasn’t learnt this in any fire safety drills, here’s a video  to help you understand.

Checking the Ratings on the Can
On the event of a fire, you pull out a fire extinguisher and are ready to fire it at the spreading fire source. But wait; there’s something you need to check first. There should be A, B, and C ratings on the can.

They stand for the many kinds they can tackle. A-rated are the ones on non-electric, sold fuel sources like plastic, paper, or cloth.

B-rated say the presence of flammable liquids. C-rated involve outbreaks caused in electrical circuits or electric components.

We hope you enjoyed this article and it assisted you in your buying decision. To read similar articles, go to our section about Family Safety.