Best Fireproof Bag for Documents

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on July 12, 2021

Don't have space in your home for a safe? The next best option is to get a fireproof document bag. Slim, stylish, and discreet: it ticks all the boxes.

We all have valuable items that we want to keep safe.

It could be money, passports, deeds, business contracts, or a love-letter to an ex. It doesn't matter what it is. 

In certain situations, keeping a specific document safe could be a matter of bankruptcy or ruin. You need to ensure that you spent a few dollars protecting these physical documents and assets.

The first thing to come to mind is a safe. In case of a fire, it's best to own a fireproof safe. If you don't have the space or the budget for this, you can opt for an economically priced fireproof document bag that we present on this page.

As an aside, if need to carry around an important document, these items could do the trick. They're stylish, practical and look the part. Two birds, one stone.

Let's begin the showcase of some of the most reliable fireproof bags on the market. We promise to focus on the defining attributes a fireproof money bag should have.

1. Oxzoh Fireproof Bag

Oxzoh Fireproof Bag
Our Rating: 4.4/5


Two things blew away our minds while examining this superb product: it's TSA approved and the three-in-one feature. Previously, we discussed one could go for a smaller bag if one is not bothered about accessories.

The Oxzoh fulfils all our wishes with the three-bag-in-one feature. You can keep your cell phone and passport in the smaller bags while keeping your laptop and A4 legal size documents in the bigger one.

Yes, it is hard to pronounce, but the Oxzoh tops the list for heat resistant document bags. It can withstand heat up to 2192°F (1200 Celsius).

Despite its unbelievable endurance, the bag is lightweight. Add that to the high-tech security and comfort fit feature, and we have a winner.


  • Only bag in this list that is TSA approved
  • Very lightweight with two extra mini-bags
  • Highly resistant to temperature up to 2200-degree Fahrenheit
  • Elegant design with a lifetime warranty and customer service


  • Might deem too expensive for people with a lower budget

2. BLOKKD Fireproof Bag

BLOKKD Fireproof Document Bags
Our Rating: 4.2/5


If we could name fireproof document bags by weapons, this would be the tank of the list. Big and robust with a lot of endurance. 

It has a state-of-the-art lock system and comes with three exterior pockets. There's a rugged, lockable zipper that adds to the aesthetic appeal.

On the topic of military tanks, it would be remiss of us to inform you that design was inspired by military archive bags.

Temperature resistance is excellent as it can endure up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit (815 degrees Celsius).

The metal zipper and Velcro flap make sure this is an all-in-one bag. From saving your precious laptop and legal documents, it can do it all. Though it's one of the more oversized bags on this list, it's comfortable and easy to use.


  • Includes a combination lock for maximum security
  • Serves multiple purposes at once
  • The non itchy silicone coated fiberglass makes it stout
  • Fire and water-resistant


  • The combination lock acquiring process can be difficult
  • Might seem too big for some

3. MoKo Fireproof Document Bag

MoKo Bag
Our Rating: 4/5


If you're on a budget, this one is for you.

At around $20, this is a delight. It has all the features of a top-notch fireproof bag, which should prove more than enough for most cases. It can withstand temperatures up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unlike most, this one comes with a zipper and hook & loop closure, ensuring protection.

This foldable bag is comfortable, and though the size is compact, it can store many accessories. Within such a minimal budget, this is a blessing in disguise.


  • Lowest possible price considering the features
  • Double layered materials for extra protection
  • Compact and comfortable size
  • Water resistant and explosion proof


  • Relatively low-temperature resistance
  • Doesn’t have a security lock system

4. Flyboid

flyboid Fireproof Document Bag
Our Rating: 4/5


Safe. Solid. No-nonsense.

This is one of the few bags that have passed the ASTM standards and went on to get certified in ‘CLASS SPECS 1’.

This light, foldable, and flexible bag will ensure that you get the most comfort while using them.

Coming in fancy colours, the design of this bag is unique, and those who have the same grey or black bags have something as an alternative.

It can withstand temperatures of at least 2000F (1100C). Other than that, the non-woven inner side doesn’t give off any smell!


  • Doesn’t give off any smell, doesn’t itch
  • Highly fire resistant and fully water resistant
  • Lightweight, portable and durable
  • ASTM certified


  • Doesn’t have any zippers
  • A rather weak option protection-wise

5. Penta Beauty

PentaBeauty Fireproof Document Bag
Our Rating: 3.8/5


This one is more like a safety pouch, with its super flexibility and mobility.

The bag can withstand temperatures up to 1800F (900C), and unless there's a massive explosion, it will keep your data safe.

The pouch shape makes it easy to carry and use. It suits a casual lifestyle. If we’re talking confidential legal documents, we would suggest a fireproof safe.

The bag is made from high-quality silicone and fibreglass, and we've tested to check that it's waterproof. A fireproof zipper adds to its security, while the hanging trap makes sure you can carry. This is more like a ‘mobile, iPod, passports keeper’ bag.


  • heat resistant and water resistant
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Quite inexpensive considering the longevity
  • Has a lifetime warranty


  • Has security lock concerns
  • Doesn’t have an aluminum layer to strengthen the outer structure
a safe with its door open

How We Decided On Our Winner

After analyzing all five fireproof bags for documents, we can come to a decision. We declared the criteria for becoming the best bag, and most of the bags in our list passed those.

We have to come to a conclusion on this one, and we had a fierce neck-to-neck battle between the Blokkd and Oxyzoh. Both were efficient, both had excellent features.

But with the extra bags and features, our winner is the Oxyzoh. Blokkd did come close, but apart from being pricey, the Oxyzoh one is spot on and the best products.

At the end of the day, it’s all about your preferences and your budget. The products in this list are handpicked and are amongst the most reliable.

FAQ and Buying Guide

Things to look for in a making a buying decision:

Temperature Resistance:

Sorry to disappoint you, but to be honest, there are no such bags that are 100% fireproof. It’s not possible to manufacture one.

You can buy bags that are resistant to fires up to a certain temperature. For example, most of the fireproof document bags come within a 700-2500 degrees Fahrenheit range.

Shocked? Don’t be. The average heat of a volcano is rarely more than 1500 Fahrenheit, so there’s a chance it might survive a fall in a volcano!

There is a fireproof rating available, and for products like this, they are generally rated UL 94 VTM-0. Do check if your bag at least has this rating.


Three materials are crucial when it comes to fireproof document bags: silicone, aluminium, and fibreglass.

Layers of these materials will make your bag strong and resistant, but there is a catch. Not all fibreglass is the same, and the more layers you add- the more expensive your bag becomes.

The safest combo is a layer of fibreglass,a silicone coat and aluminium. This can save your bag from the scorching heat of fires as well as a massive flood, the silicone makes it waterproof. If you want both a fireproof and a water resistant, it’s safe to say you should go for the proper combination here.

Design and Price:

Be it a fireproof money bag or fire extinguishers- the price is always a concern for the buyer. You would want a good quality bag, of course.

But in most cases, you wouldn’t want to spend big bucks on it. So, an affordable and quality bag is your final choice here. The design should be sleek as well!

We do not know your price range, but it’s only safe to assume that it is not more than $50/60, because it’s a bag after all! Lucky for you, the cheap fireproof document bags start from around $15, and you can get a standard bag within $60. Yet, since the average price revolves around that forty dollar-mark, you can pick from them if you wish.

Size and Storage:

You need the bag to secure your documents and keep them safe, not to show the world how cool your new bag is. So, you should never think twice about buying a bag larger if you need to keep your laptop or A4 sized documents. Yes, big bags may not be mobile enough, but imagine yourself in a crisis- it’s better to run with one bag rather than two, no?

Then again, it all depends on your preference. Some of the larger bags do offer free extra small bags for smaller accessories- so that won’t be much of a concern. Another point - you should choose a bag with carrying handles or shoulder straps attached to it. It helps increase your mobility.


Before we go for the fancy security locks, you should know about the closure mechanisms. Most good bags offer both velcro and a zip flap. Yet, you might need the zip flap if your bag has a separate security lock system.

There are a few bags in this list that have security lock enabled, but not all them come with locks. You might have to buy them additionally if you need extra protection.

If you plan to have proper security locks and travel abroad- you have to make sure the locks are TSA-approved. Locks, as such, can ensure most security for you.

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