5 Best Fireproof Home Safes

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on March 17, 2020

Did you know that not all safes are fire-resistant? If you have some treasured items that need protection no matter what, then getting a fireproof home safe is the way forward.

Using a safe to store valuables helps protect them from would-be burglars. But what about protecting them from other risks, such as a fire?

We'll take a look at some factors when weighing up which fire resistant safes are the best. We then review five top-rated products to help you choose one for your home.

Before we do a deep-dive, you can scan our overall winner, the most secure choice, and one that you should avoid!

You've landed on this page as you want a safe that is secure and can withstand high temperatures in case of a fire.

Earlier, we give a quick rundown on what your best options are. Now we continue and detail why certain ones deserve praise more than others.

If you think we've missed any that should be sitting in our top 5, please drop us a line.

A safe should protect your prized possessions from all elements including fire, water and humans

Our Top Fireproof Safes for Home Use

1. Sentry Safe SFW123FTC (Water Resistant)

Water Resistant Safe

I like that the battery compartment is outside on the dial and easy to install...

Our Rating: 4.5/5

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The Sentry Safe has advanced fire, water, and drop protection. For fire, it's UL classified to endure 927°C for up to one hour. Also, it's ETL verified to protect digital media up to 927°C.

There's further ETL verification to withstand a drop of up to 15ft and water resistance for 24 hours in up to 8in. of water.

It's made out of durable coated steel, but it seems as though the body itself is still prone to denting.

This one does appear easy enough to use. It opens and closes smoothly, and the digital combination lock is straightforward. There's even interior lighting, a key rack, and a deep pocket.

The Sentry is also an adequate size as it measures 45.3H x 41.5W x 49.1D cm externally. There's plenty of space to protect various valuables; it has a multi-position shelf to help you sort how you store your larger and smaller items.


  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Opens and closes smoothly
  • Drop and water protected


  • Body is easy to dent

2. Yale YSV/200/DB1 (Medium)

Yale YSV/200/DB1 Medium

Well made, sturdy but small enough to hide away - so it doesn't look like a safe...

Our Rating: 4.4/5

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With external measurements of 20H x 31W x 20D cm, the Yale Small Value is designed to protect smaller items such as passports, keys, and birth certificates.
You can settle it on the floor or mount it on the wall, and this even comes with the fitting bolts.

For access, it uses a digital keypad with 10,000 combination possibilities:

  • After three unsuccessful attempts, you're locked out for 20 seconds.
  • After six, you get locked out for six minutes.

If you happen to forget your combination, you can use the emergency override key lock.

The LED lights indicate whether or not it is locked. You'll notice a red light for an error, a green light for open, and a low battery warning.

Concerning the battery, it comes with a pack of AA batteries to use.

Despite the compact size, it is roomy inside. For security, this uses 15mm solid steel locking bolts as well as internal hinges.

The product is weighty enough to feel durable, but the walls tend to feel thinner. So, how long it will last is questionable.


  • Easy operation
  • Spacious interior
  • Backup keys available


  • Steel seems thin

3. AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe

Fire Resistant Safe

I literally used to have dreams about losing my passport...

Our Rating: 4.2/5

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The AmazonBasics version offers UL 72 rating tested for 20 minutes worth of protection up to 650°C.

This safe uses four bolts for security, and it has an electronic keypad for faster access. It comes with a backup key as well for emergency purposes. It does require one 9V battery for operation.

In terms of construction, it features a 14-gauge steel body. The combination case is flimsier though and is susceptible to break off. Nevertheless, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

The external dimensions measure 14.2L x 12.2W x 15.7H in. Inside, there is enough room for you to fit personal possessions, such as documents and digital media easily. By the way, if you're only looking to protect smaller and thinner items, you should read about our fireproof bag for documents instead.

If you want to diversify what you place inside and how you set it all up, you can utilize the adjustable shelf.


  • Reliable heavy-duty body
  • Backup key lock
  • Adjustable shelf


  • Combination case is flimsy

4. Master Lock LFW082FTC

safe for documents

Very small gap on the door and the handle seems very solid.....

Our Rating: 4.3/5

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This Master Lock Fireproof Safe is UL classified to protect valuables like records and documents for one hour up to 923°C. Not only that, but it is also ETL verified water protected 24 hours in up to 12cm.

Added durability is found in the overall heavy design. It has a pry-resistant hinge, steel construction, and three live-locking bolts. It is also ETL verified to resist damage from a 4-5m drop and remain closed.

However, the lock and the handle don't feel as high in quality as the rest of the safe.

It is warranted for two years for defects and has a lifetime guarantee for after-fire replacement.

Battery-powered using four AAA batteries, the safe has a digital combination with a light-up keypad. There's an interior light inside as well, so you can see under various conditions.

Beyond the lights, it is further user-friendly thanks to the door that features a storage compartment and key hooks. Also, you can adjust the shelf.
For the dimensions, it measures 34.8H x 41.5W x 49.1D cm externally.


  • User-friendly
  • Heavy design
  • Water protection


  • Lock and handle feels low-quality

5. Jolitac Fingerprint Waterproof Safe

Waterproof Safe

Something that was water & fire proof but those safes usually came at a premium...

Our Rating: 3.9/5

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Waterproof and fire-safe, it's quite rare to find these benefits within this mid-price range.

This Fingerprint Security Safe Box uses a fingerprint locking mechanism that allows you to store up to 32 fingerprints for several people in your household.

The instructions for use are easy to follow so that you can set it up and use it in no time.

However, the fingerprint sensor can sometimes be too sensitive. It can be challenging to get an accurate reading sometimes.

It uses a motorized deadbolt lock system to help it withstand attacks from the likes of power tools. It even has an Alarm-U system, which is a tamper and motion-sensitive alarm to help prevent theft.

It features external dimensions of 15.75H x 15W x 12.6D. There's a removable shelf inside, and the interior is foam-padded to give your valuables additional protection.

You're given two emergency keys to use for backup if the fingerprint system, powered by four AA batteries, ever fails.

If you're looking to mount the safe up on your wall, it does come with pre-drilled holes.


  • Store up to 32 fingerprints
  • Easy setup process
  • Good heavyweight build


  • Some have complained of difficulties with fingerprint sensor

How We Picked Our Winner

It's not just important to keep your valuables stashed away from thieves but from the genuine danger of house fires.

The best fireproof safe can give you peace of mind no matter what happens in your home, and we feel that from the products we reviewed, the Sentry Safe SFW123FTC has the best value.

This winning item protects contents for up to an hour against fire, and it also protects against water ingress.

The interior is spacious and features a multi-positional shelf, a pocket, and a place to store your keys.

The digital version is easy enough to use as well, and the batteries appear long-lasting. With a four live-locking bolt, it provides more than enough protection from common thieves too.

Fireproof Home Safes – What You Should Know

Owning a well-selected safe is an excellent step to protecting significant items like your passports, medical information, social security cards, etc

Before you rush out and buy the first fire-retardant safe you come across, there are some features to consider that will help you find a high-quality version.

Size and Space

The dimensions and interior space may be one of the first factors you look at when shopping for a fireproof home safe.

You can narrow down your choices by first deciding where you're going to put it. If it's just to put some cash in the safe, then you won't need one too big. This way, you'll know if you can get a small or a larger one.

Also, pay attention to the interior of the design. Some are simple and feature a single main compartment for all your items. Others have a shelf design to separate smaller items from bigger ones. These may be more useful when storing a variety of things.

Fire Protection

As you're looking for fireproof safes, the fire rating stands to be a vital component to consider.

However, not all that claim to be fire-resistant can verify that in case of an actual fire. An article by NBC shows that not all safes are created equal, highlighting this shocking realisation that you need to be careful of believing every claim.

A fire rating is a temperature it can maintain, how long it can survive in the fire, and what exactly it can protect.

For instance, you may notice some list themselves as UL classified for one hour exposed in a fire with a temperature around 927°C. Some do well at protecting digital media, while others focus on keeping documents safe.

extra secure safe with a complicated entry
Perhaps you don't need a safe like this...

Locking Mechanism
Your fireproof safe of choice should have a proper locking mechanism that ensures potential thieves are kept out. Some use a more motorized deadbolt system so that hand tools can't even break the lock.

Also, the locking mechanism should be reliable enough to withstand heat exposure without having lasting damages. This way, you can readily get back into the safe after disaster strikes to retrieve your valuables.

There are also different types of locking mechanisms safes use. Some opt for a digital combination lock. Others utilize a fingerprint system instead. It doesn't seem like one is better than the others. Instead, it's based on what you prefer to use.

Beyond fire protection, some fireproof safes have more layers of durability. For example, ETL verification for water resistance or drops from certain heights.

Other signs of reliability are seen in the safe's construction. Most safes are made using heavy-duty steel or carbon steel, and they feature anti-rust capabilities.

Additional Features
You'll notice that many high-quality safes boast many extra features that may help them stand out among other fireproof safes.

If they use a fingerprint locking mechanism, the safe may be able to store several fingerprints. It may help in family households so that every member of the family you want to access the safe can get inside.

When it comes to safes with a digital combination, some of them offer a backlit function so that you can still see the code in the dark.

On the topic of lights, some safes even offer interior lighting for greater visibility.

You may even get a fireproof safe with a key lock design just in case you forget the combination.

When it comes to how you set up the safe, some even come with mounting hardware for wall placement.

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