Top 5 Padlocks for a Storage Unit

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on June 2, 2020

We use storage units to keep some of our bulkier items. Getting the most secure padlock is paramount to helping us sleep at night! We pick our top 5.

Padlocks are some of the most used mechanisms to secure belongings and items in storage. As their versatility, and cost-effectiveness, they are among the most preferred protection measures.

The market offers several products, and you may be spoilt for choice or not know which are the most convenient. This article will guide you on the best you can choose and what to consider when doing so. Read along.

1. Master Padlock 40DPF

Master-padlock -Stainless-40DPF
Our Rating: 4/5


This lock is one of the most reliable and durable ones, secure for the units. The lock is recommendable for indoor and outdoor use. Giving you significant levels of flexibility.

It has metallic components and shackles, hardened for increased security and strength. The shackle of the pad lock is exposed hence giving you much-needed protection against attacks that may relate to cuts.

The manufacturers of this lock ensured the design of a four-pin cylinder with a locking mechanism. The materials make this lock weather resistant hence preventing weather-related problems.

The lock has a width of 2.75 inch 0.375 inch diameter shackle of 0.75 inches and 0.75 inches for the width. It comes with a design that is stylish to use outdoor facilities and the right shape for minimal attacks.


  • This lock is resistant to bolt cutters
  • The presence for the dual locking lever reducing ability to pick the lock
  • It is weather-resistant
  • The lock is quite affordable
  • It is provides high security levels
  • The lock is durable and reliable in terms of use


  • It is not very diverse in terms of use.
  • The ease of duplicating keys makes it less secure to use
  • The quality of the key is not very good.

2. ABUS-20-70-Stainless

Our Rating: 4/5


The ABUS-20-70 provides a small opening at the shackle, which makes it hard for anybody to cause any damage. The lock is robust, round and sturdy being built from stainless metal all round. The material used for the construction makes sure that rust and corrosion are nothing for your worry.

The lock provides a big problem when it comes to outmanoeuvre it using key variations. This kind of protection is available because the lock has key differences that are too high.

The sturdy design of the lock comes with an anti-cut plate, making it impossible for tools to damage the lock. It also has discus deep welding technology, which helps in the resistance of any attacks directed towards cutting the lock.


  • Retrofitting is possible through the pulling protection
  • The build of the lock with stainless metallic components offer resistance to corrosion and effects of rust
  • It is impossible to pick it because of the disk detainer
  • It is highly noisy when being cut, which acts as additional protection.


  • It is complicated and inconvenient to get the replacement keys as they need shipping from Germany.

3. Brinks 663 60001

Our Rating: 4/5


This lock's design is from metallic components, including the shackle. Being the best material for the construction, it provides for the durability of the lock. It comes with a tumbler cylinder that uses a brass pin for enhanced security.

The design and shape of the lock minimise the exposed shackle area. This feature helps to serve as an extra means for protection.

The lock has a sturdy design, which helps in giving you durability in its service. It is chrome plated as an extra measure to make it more reliable and durable. It also has a brass pin tumbler with a lock body designed from metal components.

The lock does not provide excellent protection due to the ease of picking. It is also small for those who are looking for a bigger lock. The advantage of this size is that it does not attract much attention.


  • It is easy to use and install
  • It has a disc brake feature which helps in protecting against several tools.
  • The lock is highly durable and reliable.
  • The chrome plating helps to make the lock sturdy.


  • This product allows easy picking making it less secure
  • The lock is considerably small

4. Master Padlock 930DLHPF

Master-padlock-930DLHPF -Shackle
Our Rating: 4/5


This lock comes with a long shackle and is a very affordable lock to personal security. The lock has smooth handling, operations, and installation mechanism. It provides a secure means to lock and unlock while being durable and reliable for use.

The Master Lock comes with a five-pin tumbler cylinder in its design. This manner of construction allows and gives an easy way to both remove and replace it.

The manufacturers of the lock integrated 2.5 solid metallic component bodies, which helps you ensure it is resistant to any cut. The lock also comes with a metallic component shackle that is long and helps in the minimisation of any corrosion.

It is tried and tested with key changes that exceed 9000 to offer you the best form of resistance from picking. It also has a locking mechanism with ball bearing that assures you of protection.

This model of lock is versatile of its use. You can use it for garages, tool crib, residential gates, and sheds.


  • It is highly durable
  • The lock has a metallic shackle that is strong
  • It is resistant to cutting from multiple tools
  • The lock is highly versatile
  • It is easy to operate, handle and install
  • The metallic body helps in the minimisation of corrosion effects.


  • Pickers do not need highly sophisticated tools to open the lock
  • The shackle may not fit into other units due to its length.

5. ABUS 37/80

ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Lock
Our Rating: 4/5


The body and the shackle are made out of hardened metal, giving it durability and strength. This feature makes it possible to use the lock for a long time at high standards.

It is also coating is with black Granite coating, which protects the lock from rust and corrosion. It comes with a shaft that is closed to protect this vulnerable part of the lock, restricting room for cutting.

The lock has a sleek and elegant design and fits quite well in personal and professional spaces. It also has a tensile strength of 25000 pounds with a shackle diameter of 0.562 inches. The lock's build has a key retaining feature to increase security.

It also boasts of an ability to offer both a drill and pull resistance for high protection. It comes with a bottom plate made of metal that protects the lock against any form of damage.


  • The availability of light on the keys makes them convenient to use in the dark
  • It is effortless and comfortable to use even with one hand, since the entire shackle comes out.
  • The availability of the key retaining feature makes it have additional defence capabilities.
  • It has enhanced security due to the plate of metal.


  • For some units, the shackle is too big to fit.
  • It is a lot more costly than other options.
2 padlocks on a latch

How We Decided On Our Winner

The best lock for a unit of storage in this section is the ABUS Granite. This lock is one of the most secure and sturdy options that an individual can use.

Based on the metallic component used to design this lock, it provides you with durability. Chrome coating helps from corrosion and rust; as, it is for indoor and outdoor facilities.

The lock also offers a tensile strength of 25000 pounds, most improbable for any individual to break. This feature makes it secure and resistant to any tension that may be applied.

The ABUS Granite also has a key-copy protection, which demands the use of a security card for any key copy to be made. This feature ensures that only the rightful owner can have control over the duplication of keys.

FAQ and Buying Guide

How to choose the best Lock for Storage Units

Tensile resistance – The tensile strength of the lock varies from one to another. High strength in a lock makes it more resistant to brute force that may be applied to force the shackle to open up. The hardware component and build provide this capability.

Durability – The durability of the lock depends on the material used to construct it. The best designs are from metal and other alloys.

Key Copy protection – This makes it impossible to create key copies if you are not the original owner. An individual can only make copies when they produce a security card.

Lock Shackle – The shackle is a crucial component of the security of your lock. You should be able to determine the type of shackle you need. These can be Open shackles, Close or semi-enclosed shackles. A close shackle lock offers you greatest security like that of the shrouded padlock.

Security rating – This factor is one of the most undermined, yet critical when choosing a lock. Several insurance companies specify the grades and standards that the lock should meet. The Central European Norm specifies different ratings, the insurance companies will always request.

Locking mechanism – The lock of the lock is another factor when selecting the lock. Some for your consideration include deadbolts, spring bolts, and the key-less entry lock of Schlage touch. The deadbolt mechanism needs you to rotate the key to an opening position.

Benefits of a Padlock for a Storage Unit

Prevention against theft – The main benefit of using a lock is to keep items secure from theft. They help in protecting your goods and items against malicious use and destruction.

Restricting unauthorised access – We all appreciate privacy for different items we may own. The use of a lock helps us to enjoy the guarantee of locking out any intruders to our property.

Convenient to use – They are very comfortable to use with understandable mechanisms of operation. The ease of use makes them a preferred method of securing items.

Cost-effective – They are a very cost-effective way to secure your property. The prices depend on the type and feature offered. Compared to the door lock, it is cheaper.

Factors to consider when choosing padlocks

Cost – In most cases, your budget will always dictate the type of pad lock that you will buy. They vary features, and those with the best features have high prices. Convenient and advanced features attract more costs in the buy.

The size of the Shackle – Depending on the place you want to use the lock, you need to consider the shackle size. The latch or location you wish to lock should match with the shackle size.

Materials – The material of the lock will determine issues like durability. The most common elements are steel and brass. Those made of materials that are weak and cheap can be cut or damaged. Some other body types include laminated metal, armour or encased brass, and solid metal alloy.

Outdoor or Indoor use – The place for the lock will help determine if you need a lock that is weatherproof or not. Those that are for indoor or use inside the home do not need to be weatherproof. Those for outdoor use should be weatherproof to avoid corrosion and rust.

Security features –Different locks come with different features like fingerprints, and other functions. Choose the best security feature that you want in the lock.

Type of lock – There are various types you can be able to pick. These include the combination locks, and disc lock. You must always have accurate measurements before you buy the lock. An example of a lock that is very versatile is the Stanley brand. If you were looking for a bluetooth type, we recommend the Masterlock bluetooth padlock.

What's the best way to use a lock?

A lock comes in different designs and types. Some are designed with technology and may come with security while some are manual. The best way to deal with the digitised cards is to only take them to authorised dealers in case of any problems. The manual lock does not have many hindrances to its use.

You must to use them depending on their features. Those that are weatherproof can be used on outdoor facilities. While those that are not all weather should only be for internal use.

The tensile strengths also differ. In cases where heavy and bulky appliances may exert force on the lock, those with more significant powers must be applicable.


The locks are essential in the offering of protection and security. It is, so, necessary to take proper care of them. You should lubricate the moving parts once in a while for smooth transmission and extended life.

Always maintain the cleanliness of the lock’s body. This factor helps in the prevention of any matters that are foreign from sticking on to the core pin groove.

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