Supra C500 Keysafe Review

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on June 30, 2020
Our readers know the Supra C500 is our favourite push button combination lock box for storing keys and valuables. We do a proper review on this page.
The Supra C500 is the market leader in the combination lockbox space.
There are only 3 combination lock box brands that are police approved (through Secured By Design) and this is one of them.

We do flippantly remark in the round-up review of the best lock boxes that you should "just go and buy it", but we suppose that we need to add some meat on the bones and give some actual reasons why we rate it so highly.

So we'll do just that.

However, before we dive in, let's create a bit of background...
supra c500 on a brick wall

Why Bother With These Security Devices?

In the last 12 years, we've seen a decrease in burglaries, as more households are taking security seriously. The chart below from the Office of National Statistics show this:
fall in burglary rates from the office of national statistics
This decrease of burglaries doesn't mean that we should now be leaving our spare keys under a doormat or in a nearby flowerpot. That's not a great idea; those days have long gone. It is, of course, much better to use a security device such as a key safe.

Typical Scenarios to Have Key Access

Some families may want to leave a key outside for one or more of their children for when they come home from school. Or what about someone who needs carers or medical professionals to let themselves into a home? A key safe can be a worthy consideration.
hiding the keys underneath a green pot plant
They're manufactured in several different styles throughout the world. Each of them will carry different strengths and weaknesses. Although they generally follow the same principles of operation, their designs can vary.

Then there are some other factors you will need to take into account. Which is why it is advisable to weigh up the pros and cons of each one you might user during your research. For this article, we will be reviewing the Supra C500.

You might find others look better, but this one has a better locking system and better precautionary measures than most.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Weather Cover.
  • 4 x Masonry Bolts: Torx and T30 Head (No wall plug required for the use of this device).
  • 1x set of instructions (this is complete with fitting and drilling guide).
  • 1 x Police Accredited Keysafe.

Pros and Cons...

  1. Well made with a solid design
  2. Simple, no-fuss installation
  3. Easy to operate and maintain
  4. Police approved key safe
  5. Fair price point
  1. Some might consider a bit outdated
  2. Not feature-packed
  3. Doesn't have mod cons i.e. no Bluetooth

How it Works

This product is made from Zinc Alloy and is attack resistant. It is a flip-down safe with combination buttons down the front side.

To help keep the device protected while outside it's sold with a weatherproofed cover. This cover will also help keep it hidden from any criminals.

Although you can have someone help fit this device if needed but it has easy instructions, and an easy setup. This is one of the more quick and simple key safes to set up. It is, of course, essential that the safe is well secured onto the area it is to be fixed.

This product can secure to the wall using four screws that need drilling into a break with bolts. The bolts then need concealing within the locked case so that it's protected from any attacks.

To set up the passcode you need to use the supplied plastic tool. Also, this has two sections of buttons for key codes as well as the ‘reset’ slider and an unlock switch towards the top end. All these areas are easy to access by hand.
fixing key safe to the wall

How to use the Supra C500 in Five Steps

  1. Hinge down the protective cover to reveal the keypad’s front side
  2. Reset using the slider
  3. Next enter the passcode
  4. Turn the Open switch half a turn clockwise
  5. Pull down the front of the unit to reveal the keys (it is possible to store multiple keys)

Why use this model?

This device comes with a form of approval in that's accredited by the police themselves. It has also gained an independent security rating from the LPCB to LPS 1175 Issue 6 SR1.

Another benefit is that a Supra C500 keysafe is an example of one of the more secure key safe options manufactured. What you may not realise is that many of the more commonly fitted key safes are not as secure as this model.

Residential areas, for instance, tend to have a key safe fitted that has a 4 barrel dial system and are often clear for passers-by to spot. But thanks to the waterproof cover this is not the case. This device is password protected with more than 4,000 codes possible.

The good thing is that if you do need to change your code it will take less than 30 seconds! Another positive is that the passcodes can be changed unlimited times!
supra c500 with protective cover on

Final Thoughts

This device has developed with simplicity, and the majority of people will find it easy to manage. This key safe is recommended thanks to its easy operation. Users should find it offers peace of mind when it comes to the safekeeping of their keys. However, if you want something with even more security, you should definitely look at our Supra P500 review.

You expect to pay around £65 (or $90), which is a fair amount for a reliable safe that's recommended by the police. This device can be bought online from retailers including Amazon. You would also have a good chance of finding it available in your average security specialist supplier.

Before buying, make sure that before installing that it does not invalidate your insurance. As some insurance companies will only allow certain key safes. Some may allow certain key safes outside and others may allow none.


"There are only 3 combination lock box brands that are police approved (through Secured By Design) and this is one of them. A long time favourite and for  good reasons too"
Price-Quality Ratio
Ease of Use
Supra c500 reviewed