Supra P500 vs C500

The Supra P500 is a more robust and tougher version of the of Supra C500 but costs around £20 more. Is it worth the extra spend? We dig deeper.

Supra P500

Our Rating:
Security Score 92%
Price-Quality Ratio 73%
Ease of Use 75%

Supra C500

Our Rating:
Security Score 85%
Price-Quality Ratio 80%
Ease of Use 75%

Let's start with the similarities...

They are both made from a thick hardened zinc alloy single piece casing, come with a big locking bolt, a stainless steel punch resistant front and hardened pin hinges.

Both are designed to withstand a physical and forceful attack.

... and the difference?

The P500 has these additional benefits:

  1. Internal screw plate cover to conceal the code-setting mechanism.
  2. Anti saw and drill insert: an additional layer of metal.
  3. Heavy gauge steel internal vault liner: an additional metal inner compartment.

Why is the P500 worth the extra spend?

We’ve used both lock boxes, and they are both really good. However, the P500 just feels a bit better built, is even more secure and comes with an anti-tamper cover which makes it a little more discreet.

In the manufacturer’s own words, the P500 comes with an “attack resistant insert, code cover and optional alarm.”

Comparison and FAQ Between the Two

According to the manufacturer, the P500 comes with a heavy gauge steel vault liner insert, while the C500 doesn’t.

The P500 also comes with an anti-saw and drill insert

If you’re already spending upwards of £60 on security, then another £20 on a more secure product could be worth the investment.

Both the lockboxes have been granted the Secured by Design quality standard and both meet the LPCB LPS 1175: Issue 6, Security Rating 1.

Yes, they are easy to use and have been designed for single-hand usage.

You might not know this, but we’ve done a full in-depth review of the Supra C500 here. To read more about the differences between the two, go the to manufacturer’s page.

Supra p500
The P500 is the winner!