5 Best Garage Door Defender Locks

Author: Reece Thompson | Updated on January 12, 2021

Coming home to find the garage door ripped up is an awful experience. Frustrate burglars by installing one of these top five garage door defenders.

person using a key to open a garage door
A traditional garage door key access isn't completely secure.

Since I was very young, I was fascinated with locking and safe-storage items. In fact, one of my favourite Christmas gifts I'd ever received, was a bike-lock that was at featured on a commercial.

Where a sharpshooter rifle marksman blasts a hole into the padlock and it remains locked after testing it.  I then believe I harassed my parents even more so for the product. Then the bike itself when I recall this and with much humour.

1. PJB Garage Defender

PJB British Made Black Powder Coated Master
Our Rating: 4.5/5


The buzzword regarding this product is formidable and it pretty much rings true for this kit when assembled. It is flat based for bolting down.

It's heavy but fairly easy to install as we had it ready for use in just over an hour. Once you drill the holes into the base, it's really just downhill from there.

Please note: When we received the kit initially, it had 3 holes drilled into the plate and the manufacturer provided just 2 bolts initially.

Upon researching this further, we discovered this was pre-planned designing so that you can size down the plate to fit as needed for your particular storage space.

Before purchase, you may wish to contact the manufacturer regarding your location if you live near a coastal region due to high salt-water content within the air as just a recommendation.

With that being said, we live about 5 miles from the ocean and have no rusting nor corrosion issues with our hardware up to this point ourselves, which is going on 3 years as of this pending summer following the installation.


  • This kit is rugged, bold, and big,


  • Some may consider this ostentatious and even vulgar in appearance

2. Bulldog Door Lock

Our Rating: 4/5


We've had nothing but outstanding luck with the Bulldog product line over the years. This model we had purchased was actually for my spouse's parents whom we helped install on their twin door garage-unit with two Bulldog devices after their latching bar was pried open via intruder with a crowbar about 2 months prior.

When installed and its sheer appearance, the Bulldog's looks alone appear to be quite intimidating and add to its well-known reputation as a theft-deterrent.

Like with any combination device, we recommend you keep a copy of the code in 2 places. We have one in our safe and another in our wallets, just as an example.


  • Extremely easy to install!
  • Pricing is very competitive for such a robust and sturdy mechanism.
  • Super durable.


  • Might stand out too much

3. Master 1488 EURDAT

Our Rating: 4/5


Now we're in the big leagues regarding garage security devices. Master-the product line-has been part of my life for almost 4 decades now and I tend to favor it for many reasons besides nostalgia. We have a rented storage facility in town and this is where we put our boat, kayaks, and bikes in the winter season.

A little more in cost, perhaps, but way worth the return in investment in our opinion. The buzzword on the Master is heavy duty and we think it is!

It is Do It Yourself friendly and surprisingly easy to fit and install, we felt upon receiving the product. Best with concrete-style flooring for easy fitting, we also believe.

'Best Practice': as recommended by a mechanically-inclined family member after install of the Master was to secure the top of the bolts with super-glue for added integrity and we did so, but that is just a suggestion.

We are just happy with yet another great product from Master!


  • Easy to install
  • Heavy Duty
  • DIY friendly


  • Quite expensive

4. Silverline 538487

Our Rating: 4/5


We purchased this item with our first shed that we put together back in 2015 and it was fantastic, sturdy, and easy to install.

It's old school heavy-duty and nicely priced, in our opinion.

The Silverline is also hefty as we found out when we first bought the kit. We had a mishap early on that included us not securing the bolts enough to the base of the shed and we wound up with a small tear, but which was easily fixed and reinforced in a quick manner.

Our nephew has this now and it appears in good shape and looks good even after about 2 years.

It’s a hot seller and very popular! Don't hesitate if you decide that this is your product of choice.

Final word on the Silverline: This was an important purchase for a few reasons, but primarily it was because on a morning during that summer, we found a young vagrant passed out inside our shed after he broke into it the night before and was able to move the attaching bar aside somehow, despite his extremely inebriated condition. This was before we purchased our dogs and before we bought a bluetooth padlock and no safety latch yet installed at that time.

Needless to say, our keenness for safety was quickly brought forth into the topmost of our minds and the reason for this upgrade to the Silverline.


  • Very simple to install and no drilling required.
  • Corrosion resistant


  • Has a bit of an old school look about it

5. Bulldog GD20

Our Rating: 4/5


Let us restate that just because the Bulldog is placed here in #5 of five positions does not indicate that it's not an excellent product by any means. Rather the opposite in fact. The locks listed here worked the best for us and for many years and this includes the Bulldog.

It can be installed on an exterior storage structure or even your home! We gave this to our nephew after we built a new shed and he utilizes this for the entrance on the doors from his kitchen to the garage.

Like the other 4 products listed here, the Bulldog GD20 really gives you that bang for your buck in terms of quality versus money spent, in our most humble of opinions!


  • Weatherproof and handles tough conditions
  • Easy to install and remove if needed.
  • No drilling required and really simple to fit!


  • Again, a bit expensive
  • Quite hard to find. Not always in stock.
burglar using a crowbar to open a garage

How We Decided On Our Winner

There you have it, our Fabulous 5 among many excellent products out there for locking and securing your precious valuables. We, our family and friends, have had tremendous luck with these 5 particular products in the past decade.

I enjoyed the aspects of locks themselves as a fascination when I was a kid, then as a profession when I became an adult and eventually a home and property owner. Now in the present times, we live within, the aspects of locks and very good ones has never been more vital, in our honest opinion.

These 5 listed here are the ones we favor for a variety of reasons to include cost, effectiveness, ease of installation/removal, and efficient use. However, it is now time to announce my spouse and my own very favorite of these superb 5 products.

We crown this very device the very King of them all.

It is based on a simple formula that involves the following:

Quality = Durability = Cost = Ease Of Use

These are the very items we mentioned earlier regarding the other 4 products, whom again, are very excellent in their own right.

Just for your information and a friendly reminder, this is based on what my family and I have purchased together and utilized in about a 10-year time frame as homeowners. With this, we now announce our "Champion".

With the "formula" in mind and for what we used this item for over the years, we've simply enjoyed this product like no other. And now for our choice: Yes, it is the British Made Black Powder Coated Defender Master!

The term "Brilliance" is one we utter when my family and I speak of products and discuss this one. If any of you remember earlier when reading the reviews, you may also recall my fondness for the Master line-up that goes back many fond years.

Again, this item seems to have it all as far as me and my family are concerned. It's easy on the eyes, the pocketbook, and most importantly, when you install it, the Master is going to help give you that nice feeling and a wonderful night's rest knowing that your belongings are set in a place that is going to be virtually impenetrable. But then again, the other 4 have given us the same sense over the years and they should not be considered slouches in the industry by all means whatsoever.

The bottom line is in truth your own bottom line, and your property that you have worked so hard to attain and keep over the years and to which is just as important to protect. Keeping these articles safe is vital to not only your economic stability but for your emotional well-being on top of it all. This is why I and my family are so intense about securing devices ourselves, and at the end of the day, we honestly believe that you should be as well!

old red garage doors with rusty lock
This garage could do with a door upgrade, never mind a lock upgrade.

FAQ and Buying Guide

Why would you not want secure your garage door?

My spouse is also a firm believer in tight storage procedures and we invest a lot of money in these items even so we also own two large and vocal canines on the property albeit.

How important is having your home and precious articles secure and especially during these days of global economic turbulence? Alarms and dogs are great, sure, but we think that they provide perhaps just a first line of defense and only a portion of the overall peace of mind that very rugged and durable security hardware can provide.

You Should Always Perform Due-Diligent Research Before Purchasing.

  • What is the material of your enclosure and/or entrances? Wood? Aluminum? Steel? Cement?
  • How stout or sturdy is the structure that you are installing the mechanism upon?
  • Are you mechanically inclined to do this yourself or will you need assistance?